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Music Quickies: Cezar – “Addikted”

by Pooh Bailey


Back again with an exclusive track, Cezar hits us with “Addikted.” “Addikted” is produced by Siinergy and serves as the second release this year by the 414 artist.

So “Addikted” is the love song you listen to when your ex not only ignores your texts but has you blocked on all social media sites. The song is pretty cool. The flow of the song actually reminds me of Everlast’s hit single “What It’s Like.” Well the production does at least. Siinergy really gives off this nostalgic 90’s beat that Cezar effortlessly attacks. My only issue is that Cezar could have shown a little more vulnerability. It’s like he wanted to be unguarded but his boys were watching. So he kept it nice and cute. All in all, “Addikted” is the perfect song to listen to after the club. After all of the rejection and alcohol, listen to Cezar rap about how you feel. I know I will. -Pooh Bailey

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