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Cezar – Heavy Hu$tle (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

Cezar_Heavy_Hustle-front-large(Photo By Dat Piff)

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Cezar has gone above and beyond to build up the anticipation for his latest project Heavy Hu$tle. It was officially released a week ago today. It is hosted by DJ Trill Will and it contains production from some of the dopest beat makers in the game such as: Jay Thomas Beats, Bizness Boi, and Marxmill just to name a few. There are also some standout guest appearances from familiar names like Rich P. and Kia Rap Princess. The 16 track collective is rumored to be some of Cezar’s most thorough and valid work to date. Find out if that holds true after the break.

“We Ball”
The production here comes courtesy of AyoDlo. It is of a domesticated nature. It consists of: a serene foundation, atmospheric musical ingredients, a floating rhythm, and a breezy vibe. The hook is proper. The delivery lines up nicely with the beat and the lyrics are real. The verses are appreciable. Cezar slides through with a conversational style flow, kosher wordplay, and streetwise rhymes. He gives the listener a fine little overview of what the Check Chasers Mafia life is all about. Acknowledge as he spits: “CCM we don’t talk a lot. But we taking shots. We made some moves that put you dudes in some better spots. We gave them haters opportunity, they played us out. We finally had enough. Now we bussing, screaming f–k ’em all. I pray for peace for every one of y’all. I need my piece. You catch me beating on the kitchen door.” One has to respect the 100% authentic nature of those lines right there. Overall, this is a notable track.
“No Sleep” F/ KRP
The producers here are AO and Kash Nova. The pair generated a top notch gutter style beat. The banging bass-line, haunting supporting components, creeping pace, and energetic vibe result in a favorable combination. The hook is decent. The delivery is engaging and the lyrics are hard to forget. The verses are good. Cezar knocks out the first verse and Kia Rap Princess brings home the second. Both artists disperse patented low key flows, becoming wordplay, and grind driven rhymes. They give the listener lyrical validation to match their reputations for being two of the hardest working artists in the Mid-West. A handful of valuable lines from Mr. Twos Up include: “I ain’t slept in like two days. Same clothes as yesterday. N—a I been up getting paper straight. Look dreamers never sleep. Cezar been a beast. Up til dawn, my grind a phetamine. Keep my mind little dog, it’s never sweet. Where that bread cause I got the f–king cheese. Insomniac for that moolah. N—a I work while you sleep. I’m high as f–k that’s lunar.” Those are some boss bars right there. All in all, this is a fire collaboration.
“No Brakes”
Bizness Boi is the talent behind the boards on this one. The production turned out adequately. The played down profile, compatible secondary details, middling gait, and neutral vibe mesh agreeably together. The hook is likable. The delivery is clean and the lyrics get right to the point. The verses are gratifying. Cezar lays out a refined flow, creditable wordplay, and sufficient rhymes. He definitely puts forth the persona of an individual who can’t be stopped by any means. A couple of rewind worthy lines are: “I gotta get it. I gotta make it. Cause that broke s–t where I’m from ain’t tolerated. I know some n—as if they want it they’ll come and take it. To keep it one in my hometown that s–t been tripping lately. These n—as scared of the grind. N—as scared of that heat but in love with the shine. Been trying to chill lately but them haters on my line. Cause I been on the road while them n—as wasting time. And I popped up in the fourth like I’m Kobe in his prime. Bout to take it to the hole. I ain’t never dropping dimes.” The raw reality painted by those words right there can not be denied. As a whole, this selection is legit.
**My Two Cents: So after an in depth listening session of Heavy Hu$tle, I’d have to say that the rumors hold some weight. The production is first-class. But that’s no real shocker. Cezar has a flawless ability of linking up with producers who suit him well. The guest appearances are mint too. Everyone does a signature job of letting their inner hustlers shine through. And Cezar gave up some sleek content. But again, no surprise. He’s grown quite consistent in his ability to deliver heat this past year or so. It would’ve been nice to hear him step just a little outside of the box though. His street and hustling credentials have been certified for some time now. He’s in a position where he can afford to experiment with his sound & style a bit. Just a suggestion for future ventures. Heavy Hu$tle in it’s entirety is a winning mixtape and readers need to get their ears on it asap. -MinM

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