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“Road 2 Riches” (previous review)

Cezar has gone above and beyond to build up the anticipation for his latest project Heavy Hu$tle. It was officially released a week ago today. It is hosted by DJ Trill Will and it contains production from some of the dopest beat makers in the game such as: Jay Thomas Beats, Bizness Boi, and Marxmill just to name a few. There are also some standout guest appearances from familiar names like Rich P. and Kia Rap Princess. The 16 track collective is rumored to be some of Cezar’s most thorough and valid work to date. Find out if that holds true after the break.

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“Road 2 Riches” (listen/download)

Cezar dropped a video to his popular single “Road 2 Riches” at the beginning of this month. It was put together by Luke Marlowe. There is no particular theme to the flick. It more or less just displays Cezar in two different locations as he takes the viewer through the track. One of said locations is a brick residential area that happens to be where he lays his head and the other location happens to be outside on the UW-Milwaukee campus. Not sure if it was done intentionally but the settings provide great symbolism of the two different worlds he juggles on a regular basis which is also referenced in the song.

SWAS(Photo By Cezar)

“S.W.A.S” (listen/download)

Cezar and Marxmill (Blaqlizt Music Entertainment) shook the 414 music scene up a bit when they released their debut collaboration “Road 2 Riches.” The song became such a hit that it spawned a movement for Cezar and encouraged the two to reunite in the name of creating another chart topper. And of course they handed the finished product over to their favorite local urban entertainment website for the exclusive. So thought it would be a nice gift for the readers as 2013 comes to a close. Check out the run down on”S.W.A.S” after the break.

(Photo By Luke Marlowe) [audio m4a="http://theillixer.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Voice_0010.m4a"][/audio] Cezar On Facebook Cezar On Twitter Cezar On Sound Cloud "KoKa" (listen/download) **Editor's Note: Cezar has been a part of the site these couple of