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Cezar – “Luciano” [CezMix]

by Miracle


(Photo By Cezar)

Cezar (Check Chasers Mafia) has been deeply immersed in the preparations and campaigning for his upcoming mixtape Heavy Hu$tle these past couple of months. The buzz for the project is at an all time high and so even though it drops on the 23rd of this month which is just a little over two weeks away, DJ Trill Will & Cezar decided it was time to feed the fans some new music. And they were nice enough to give The Illixer the privilege of dropping it first. It’s a CezMix of “Got Me F–ked Up” by Omelly and French Montana.

The production for this cut pretty much stayed in line with the original instrumental. For those not up on Omelly, the production is sleek. The full deep base, quiet suspenseful background elements, measured tempo, and resolute vibe make for a superior medley. There is no hook present on this record. But the progression is neatly done, so one isn’t really needed. The drawn-out verse is of a deluxe quality. Cezar divvies up an ambitious flow, revealing wordplay, and rhymes that tell it like it is. A handful of distinguishable lines include: “I showed some n—as some love. Them n—as broke the rules. Now them n—as hiding from me cause they know what’s really good. I ain’t no f–k n—a. Boy all that s–t you be talking gone get you touched n—a. And all them b—hes who hating walk what you say. Cause I got little n—as who really itching to spray. And if you f–k around with my business don’t even play. Cause that’s the quickest way to get yo face put on a page.” Spoken like a true street hustler with a strong mobster mentality. As a whole, this is a high quality remix.


(Photo By Net DMI)

**My Two Cents: I’ve been waiting for Cezar to drop something new since forever now, lbvs. This was definitely worth my patience. Omelly isn’t my cup of tea but Cezar killed this track. He adapts his flow to the instrumental in an expert fashion. And his content is spot on. He kept the original theme fully in tact while adding his own perspective to it. I think Omelly and French would definitely give him his just due. This hasn’t been confirmed for the upcoming tape for sure yet but if this is the caliber that Cez is coming with, you do not want to miss Heavy Hu$tle when it drops. So be sure to stay locked in to Mr. Luciano on: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. -MinM

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