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Cezar – “365”

by Miracle
10500416_1470408999878649_2274391614474094971_n(Photo By Trill GFX)

In an unexpected but completely welcome turn of events, Cezar (CCM) decided to give the world a brand new original single off of his forthcoming Heavy Hu$tle mixtape. Well actually he was challenged to prove that he can hold his own on the mic and never one to back down, this is his response of sorts. He and his team tapped the site to be one of the first media outlets to feature the track. It’s called “365” and was jointly produced by AO Beats and Philly.

The production here is excellent. The ominous infrastructure, eerily hushed secondary components, calculated tempo, and overcast vibe result in a top-notch pairing. The hook is well-founded. The delivery is engrossing and the lyrics are authenticated. The verses are affluent. Cezar doles out an original flow, top-drawer wordplay, and salient rhymes. He externalizes the ideology of an individual who lives for the grind. A handful of quotable lines are: “Yo, this ain’t what you wanted. That’s why you n—as lost it. But n—a I found it. I’m taking off like a rocket. (…) No, no stopping my hustle. Flex on these n—as, straight muscle. Man all I care about is money. If you ain’t on that then f–k it. Cause n—a I been down for too long. Seen too many do it wrong. And I been over here going strong. This the place where I belong. Up top with the big dogs like Glenn Rob. I’m smashing on ’em like Ray Ray. In that corner dawg, you pass it to me, I’m cashing on ’em. No lacking homie. Straight blasting on ya and anybody who want that.” Those are some pretty blatant words right there. As a whole, this is a serious yet likeable selection.

**My Two Cents: I was not expecting anything new from Cezar just yet but this single made for a dope surprise leak. Or response depending on how you want to look at it. The production is no joke and the content is pretty crucial too. Cezar definitely made his presence felt on this one. He, DJ Trill Will, and E Money are turning out to be quite the lethal squad. They’ve been unnerving the competition and this record isn’t going to make anyone feel any better. I can’t wait to see/hear what they do next and I am stoked for the release of Heavy Hu$tle. -MinM

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