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Join The Movement: Villa Clothing Company (Q&A)

by Miracle

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Villa is an urban based lifestyle brand that originated in Philadelphia, PA back in 1989. Over the years it has come to be a part of communities worldwide, with one of the most recent new locations being right here in Wisconsin in The West Allis Town Center. The company prides itself on bringing a fresh unique take on apparel by offering one of a kind styles and brands via a vast collection of clothing and sneakers.

Additionally, the company provides an exciting as well as magnetic retail atmosphere with stores that boasts flat screens, Apple computers, special events, and the occasional DJ or celebrity visitor. But what really stands out about Villa is it’s dedication to serving and bettering the communities in which it does business. The retail chain is all about positivity, productivity, providing educational tools, supplying employment resources, and so on. The company partners with individuals and groups that share similar interests/values and all of the staff members are active volunteers. It is a refreshing and well rounded entity overall. So it was The Illixer‘s pleasure to get the opportunity to not only go and visit the location at The West Allis Town Center but to also be able to chop it up with and get some insight from the store’s manager Isabel. Check out a few photos from the visit as well as lend an ear to the exclusive Q&A that took place by clicking on the player above.

**My Two Cents: So I was put on to Villa when they extended the site an invite to their grand opening. Unfortunately, no one on staff was able to attend. However, after reading up on the company and seeing all that they have to offer, I still wanted to make a connection happen. They were open to doing an interview and the rest is history. I had a really awesome experience perusing the store and chatting with Isabel. And I love what the company is all about. They are definitely a welcome presence here in Milwaukee. I certainly think local readers should make an effort to go venture out to the store at least once. It’s a good time. Much love to the Villa team for having us. -MinM

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