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Babyface Monster F/ Sam Beckley – “Im In Dat” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

artworks-000085362583-g0t1u1-t500x500(Photo By BFM)

Babyface Monster connected with fellow artist Sam Beckley and reverted back to turning up for the fifth leak off of his forthcoming album The Making Of A Monster. The newest release is called “Im In Dat” and was produced by Tony Fadd. Get the run down on the latest from the Stack Or Starve presented project below.

The production here is influential. The bountiful foundation, heightened musical counterparts, fluent pace, and frolicsome vibe fuse ideally together. The hook is of a lasting nature. The delivery is vigorous and the lyrics are infectious. The verses are kinetic. Babyface Monster hits the listener with an eager flow, textbook wordplay, and synced rhymes. He begets a street party anthem laced with a very braggadocios tone. A handful of entertaining lines include: “Awards shows, I’m in that. I’m in that. I’m in that. My zone, I’m in that. 5th of Hen, I’m in that. Top ten, I’m in that! No sleep in the studio with a groupie hoe, I did that. (…) High heels, nice face, tight waist, she in that. Your place, my place, it don’t matter I’m in that. I’m bout that. I live that. I’m on that. I’m in that!” Customary bars right there that provide a good example of the spirit of the track. Overall, this is an affable record.

As with the last leak, there is a video component to this selection. Chapter 2 of the Yusef Day created mini movies picks up right where the first one left off. The lovely leading lady has invited her gentleman visitor in doors. However, what starts off as a blissful encounter quickly takes a sour turn. The turn involves: a sinister kiss, a wallet swiping, a large gun, and a desperate search. Just as it seems the viewer might get a clue as to why things went left, the flick gives way to yet another ‘to be continued’ screen. All in all, this is a brief yet suspenseful watch.

**My Two Cents: This was a fun non-complicated offering from BFM. From time to time, you need a song that you can just put on and live it up to. This is that single. The beat is energizing and the content is snazzy. It’s not the strongest of the leaked singles thus far but it certainly holds it’s own. The video is gratifying as well. I loved the twist in the storyline. Did not see it coming at all. Also, it generates interest in part three just to see how everything unfolds if nothing else. So very well played by Mr. Yusef Day. August is right around the corner which means that The Making Of A Monster (sponsored by Get Right Music) will be pouring through your speakers before you know it. -MinM

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