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Rob Hicks F/ L.E.X – “Simon”

by Miracle

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So apparently Milwaukee isn’t the only city in Wisconsin sitting on some talented artists. Rob Hicks from Racine is a shining example of that. The young rapper has been involved in the music game since 2009. He’s released numerous tunes and rocked a plethora of stages over the past few years. With a diverse assortment of influences that includes everyone from Erykah Badu to Lil Wayne, his ultimate desire is to have his music make an impact on those who experience it just as the greats who have paved the way before him have done. Currently he is working on getting things in order for the release of his forthcoming LP, LXSTSXULS. It is scheduled to hit the public at the end of next month. Included on the album is a single coined “Simon.” 414 spitter L.E.X makes a guest appearance on the qOR produced record and it just so happened to be submitted to the site for review. So hit the jump and check out the run down on the track.
The production here is plentiful. The sunken bass, full shadowy musical ingredients, leaden tempo, and grave vibe are impeccably matched. The hook is inventive. The delivery is one of a kind and the lyrics are captivating. The verses are golden. Rob Hicks goes to town on the first half of the selection and L.E.X shuts things down on the end portion. Both artists dispense premium flows, sharp wordplay, and superior rhymes. Though it should noted that Hicks’ fluctuating approach is especially fascinating. The twosome establish themselves as serious forces on the mic within their respective cities and beyond. A sprinkling of A-1 lines from Rob Hicks include: “Extensions made her think that she’s a Navajo. Posted on her Instagram. You n—as are so comical. Slaving to the wealth just for some pussy and designer clothes. For a record deal, boy you would probably sell yo mama soul.” One has to the love the wit and honesty in those bars right there. As a whole, this is a hard hitting offering.
**My Two Cents: Rob Hicks is representing for Racine quite well I have to say. He’s got some skills under his belt, especially to be so young. I was very drawn to the way he consistently changed up his flow and owned it. He lived in the beat and L.E.X made for the perfect counterpart to feature on the song. This was a dope submission and it has me wanting to hear more from Hicks as soon as possible. So keep an eye out. He will be featured on the site again for sure. -MinM

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