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Cezar – “Road 2 Riches”

by Miracle

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“Road 2 Riches” (listen/download)

414 emcee Cezar is already hard at work on his next project. He is looking to take his music and his brand to the next level, so he’s trying different things and expanding his lyrical arsenal. His initial move in that direction is his brand new single “Road 2 Riches.” He partnered up with producer Marxmill (Blaqlizt Entertainment) for the first time ever and was gracious enough to allow The Illixer the exclusive release of the track.

Marxmill did a capital job on the production. The grounded foundation, rigorous secondary musical components, intermediate tempo, and pacific vibe meld fetchingly together. The hook is of a high quality too. The delivery has a charming pace to it and the lyrics are expressive. The verses are of a top-level quality. Cezar provides a flexible determined flow, relishable wordplay, and exemplary introspective rhymes. He engages in discourse about situations past and present that he’s had to push through in the pursuit of his dreams and reaching that ultimate level of success, as well as shared some steps he’s taken to advance his journey. A handful of memorable lines are: “I invested in tuition as a back up. In case this rap stuff don’t really stack up. So I can get it back up. And come back like a Mack Truck. You talking about falling off? My n—a don’t make me crack up. Cause I know I’m the s–t. That’s why these n—as hating. And all these b–ches love me cause my flow is hot as Satan. Man I came up from the basement. Now I’m on the roof. Blowing all this loud. B–ch I’m feeling like the truth.” Cezar creates an impressive, smart, and resilient image of himself in those bars right there. Overall, this single is a number one hit for sure.

**My Two Cents: This track was great. Cezar presented his story in a more massively appealing way. Thus people with a variety of music tastes will be drawn to the track. Also, the story itself is one that a lot of individuals will be able to connect with. And Marxmill deserves a lot of props too. The production is flawless and really highlights the easier going side of Cez. I hear this is just the beginning of the two working together. I hope so. They make a sick team. If readers like the song, they should show Cezar some love by liking his Facebook Page (see above link) as well. -MinM

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lafy fusion September 5, 2013 - 2:43 pm

Dopeness… big up cezar.. n hiiiii miracle (waves)


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