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CVIRO – “187” (Video)

by Miracle

Cviro - 187 Shot 2(Photo By CVIRO)

“187” (listen/download)

Australia based singer/songwriter CVIRO finally unveiled his much anticipated video for his latest single “187.” A review of the song can be found here. It is another theatrical tale encased in a black & white color scheme. He tapped some of the same key players as before to help put the flick together including: RICO as the director, Hanley Zheng returned for cinematography, and Dylan Duclos once again filled the position of editor. Discover what the team assembled this time around by glancing at the video below.

The video opens with CVIRO riding down a dark road in the rain. He is being driven by an unidentified female. Upon closer inspection, it is revealed that CVIRO has actually been tied up. Inferring that the drive is not exactly a friendly one. Eventually, the two arrive at an abandoned building of sorts. The unknown female tosses a bag over CVIRO’s head and drags him inside. Once she gets him indoors she removes the head covering, ties him to a chair, and blindfolds him. From there, she strips down to her underwear and proceeds to have a bit of flirtatious fun with the incapacitated crooner. In the midst of her teasing, the vixen pulls out a medium sized knife. She goes to stab CVIRO and the tables are suddenly turned. CVIRO breaks free of his restraints and blindfold, as his female attacker falls to the floor presumably dead. He covers her body with the coat she stripped out of and slowly walks away. The visuals end with CVIRO finally making his way back to the car and driving off. This twisted conclusion is hinted at throughout the piece via flashback moments and rewind clips. Overall, this was an exceptional vision.

**My Two Cents: I am seriously digging this video. I think the concept was very innovative. CVIRO has a great way of thinking outside of the box for his visuals. Also, the storyline keeps the viewer engaged from start to finish because one can’t quite tell how things are going to play out. And it has replay value due to the crazy unexpected way it winds down. I think this was a noble compliment to a noble single. Looking forward to experiencing what CVIRO comes up with next. -MinM

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