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CVIRO – “187”

by Miracle

CVIRO - 187 Artwork(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“187” (listen/download)

Previously featured Australia singing sensation CVIRO hit the site with his latest single yesterday. It’s called “187” and it sees the talented GXNXVS behind the boards once again. CVIRO describes the track as something a little different from his first song “Faded.” The production here is suave. The tranquil foundation, featherweight musical components, dreamy pace, and sophisticated vibe are a heavenly treat for the ear. The hook is sweet too. The vocals are of a premium quality and the lyrics are uncomplicated yet charming. The verses are delectable. CVIRO exhibits flawless vocal work and conventional lyrics. He croons his way through the scenario of courting a female with a dangerous effect on him. A couple of standout lines include: “I can see all these b–ches hazy eyes in the mirror fade to black. Call me hero. Call me Nero. Hard to swallow. Pause. Not for her. Not for her. Not for her. Not for her. Not for her. Not for her. Not for her. Got you mad at me cause I got yo lady. You ain’t got to worry I ain’t running no game. All I wanna do is make her come with me.” Savvy lines being issued by CVIRO right there. Overall, this song is a hit. A video for the track is currently in the works and should be dropping in the near future. Peep the photo below for a glimpse of what’s to come.

Cviro - 187 Shot 2

**My Two Cents: Once again, CVIRO‘s vocals stole my heart. His voice was made for doing R&B music. He nailed this track. The lyrical content could have been a tad stronger though. Stepping the word usage up and putting things together a little differently would have given the record more life. As a whole, it is still worthy of a few spins. And the picture from the upcoming video looks very intriguing. I can’t wait to see what CVIRO and his team have cooked up. -MinM

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