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by Miracle

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The fellas of RAGELIFE (P/1¡Oye!, & DJ *hitmayng) finally released their self-titled debut LP last month. It contains a total of 12 tracks and includes guest appearances from the likes of: Yo Dot, Klassik, and K.Raydio. The project is described as a hybrid of Hip-Hop, EDM, Trap, Funk, and Soul music coupled with ornate rhymes that would make for the ideal soundtrack for any festivity. The concept of the album stems from the fellas experiences as minority students at the University Of Wisconsin (Madison). Particularly the process of trying to balance: education, socializing in a new territory, developing their music careers, and raging. Said concept was summarized as follows: The project takes the listener through the fantasies of stardom while dealing with the stark realities of the pursuit of education and happiness in this wonderland of sound and RAGE.” (Press Release) / Sounds like a very intriguing musical journey. Dive into the adventure after the break.


The production here is good. It entails: a steady foundation, snazzy background components, a casual tempo, and a relaxed vibe. The hook is solid. The delivery is magnetic and the lyrics are fresh. The verses are on point. The flows are lively, the wordplay is skillful, and the rhymes are of a choice quality. The guys convey a strong message of coming out on top in spite of all of the doubters and naysayers they encounter. Some lines worth remembering are: “It must be the fact that I spit ill raps. And I represent the illest crew. It’s that RAGELIFE collective. Better put that s–t in perspective, homie. Open up yo eyelids. You ain’t gotta like it. Just respect it. Cause we next to run the game and you could  get yo a** ejected. I’m always down to teach somebody a lesson. Speaking of lessons, all these sucker rappers hate it cause I’m college educated. Valedictorian flow. I ain’t even graduated yet.” One has to admire the confidence and finesse shown in those bars right there. Overall, this song is a hit.

“Champagne Range” F/ Klassik

The production here is valid. The subtle infrastructure, hushed musical elements, measured pace, and mellow vibe make for a pleasant combination. The hook is legitimate too. The delivery is appealing and the lyrics are entertaining. The verses are satisfying. P/1 steps up to bat first, ¡Oye! comes in next, and Klassik wraps things up. The trio exhibit individualized flows, recreational wordplay, and premium rhymes. They present an eclectic tune that is perfect for putting on repeat and just zoning out. Peep as ¡Oye! spits: “Yes, I’m back ho. Back ho. Go look at my stats ho. All over the map hoes. I collect like I pass go. And I’m plagued by these expectations. Cursed to be next and waiting in line in a room full of patients. Everybody itching, everybody hating. And they wanna know about my story. Look over my books. Like librarian, top-shelf. Whoa, couldn’t give five f–ks if you compliment my health. They want ten percent of my wealth. Ain’t trying to supplement myself. I’m the main event by myself.” Those are some unconventional bars being put forth by the South-side emcee. All in all, this track is worthy of a listen or two. Those who are interested can check out the colorful and artistic visual for the single at the end of the post.

“The Rage” F/ Yo Dot

The production here is adequate. It is comprised of: a full bass, complimentary secondary ingredients, a middling gait, and an old school Hip-Hop style vibe. The hook is of four star quality. The delivery is engaging. The lyrics are exceptional. They capture the theme of the record in a precise fashion. Observe: “Yeah them boys standing on the corner and you better know they packing. Mind on the money. Making drug transactions. Pull up on him wrong, he might pull up off the pelvis. Send yo a** to meet yo maker, Sammy Davis, and Elvis. And a couple other mothaf—as you ain’t never seen. No concern for yo life. Only care about the dream. If you trying to intervene then you gone with the wind. Yo folks retaliate then it’s on once again;” those words paint a very honest picture of the unfortunate reality for a lot of males in the hood. The verses are proper. The guys provide tamed flows, authentic wordplay, and street rhymes. They go into further detail of what life is like on the rougher side of the tracks. They do an excellent job of breaking it all down. In the end, this was an upstanding offering.

**My Two Cents: RAGELIFE is a quality premiere LP. The content is multifaceted, the production is decorous, and the guest appearances were deftly selected. I think the group brings something special to the table for sure. They did a fine job of introducing listeners to the raging world. As a whole RAGELIFE ranks a 4/5. Readers should be sure to hit up Band Camp and listen for themselves though. Also, they should visit Facebook and show the fellas some love on their group page. -MinM

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