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“The RAGELIFE” (previous review)

“Let Me Go” (previous review)

RAGELIFE (preview/purchase)

The fellas of RAGELIFE (P/1¡Oye!, & DJ *hitmayng) finally released their self-titled debut LP last month. It contains a total of 12 tracks and includes guest appearances from the likes of: Yo Dot, Klassik, and K.Raydio. The project is described as a hybrid of Hip-Hop, EDM, Trap, Funk, and Soul music coupled with ornate rhymes that would make for the ideal soundtrack for any festivity. The concept of the album stems from the fellas experiences as minority students at the University Of Wisconsin (Madison). Particularly the process of trying to balance: education, socializing in a new territory, developing their music careers, and raging. Said concept was summarized as follows: The project takes the listener through the fantasies of stardom while dealing with the stark realities of the pursuit of education and happiness in this wonderland of sound and RAGE.” (Press Release) / Sounds like a very intriguing musical journey. Dive into the adventure after the break.

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“Let Me Go” (listen/download)

In the last few posts that featured Milwaukee rapper ¡Oye!, there were talks about his new group venture RAGELIFE. He has teamed up with fellow musical comrades, Andrew “P/1” Thomas and Ian “DJ *hitmayng” Carroll. Together the trio create a sound that is comprised of the genres of: Hip-Hop, EDM, and Funk. Their goal with the new venture is to take all of their individual styles/talents and turn them into a brand that serves as: “a way to describe the intense battle of hard work and constant energy, all while having the time of your life,” (Press Release). The group’s debut LP is slated for release sometime in August and will be self-titled. The official first single from the debut is labeled “Let Me Go.” The song is actually a remix of “About You” by an artist who goes by the moniker of XXYYXX.