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by Miracle

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“The RAGELIFE” (listen/download)

The fellas of RAGELIFE have already hit listeners with another gem from their upcoming debut. It’s called “The RAGELIFE” and it obviously serves as a nod to the group’s name and LP title. The song was produced by Cory Grindberg of Audio Perm. Cory did a phenomenal job. The production is of five star quality. It contains: a loaded bass, serious theatrical ingredients, and an energetic vibe. The hook is on ten too. The delivery is animated and the lyrics are addictive. The verses are flame. The guys serve up entrancing flows, sleek wordplay, and high-caliber rhymes. They do an expert job of giving the listener a crystal clear idea of what the life of a rager is all about. Some memorable lines include: “I might splurge a couple hundred dollars on some Polo sweaters. When I should be saving up to pay rent. Guess I don’t know no better. But it’s cool cause I’m a go-go getter. And I got that go-go gadget flow. Use my go-go gadget microphone. Go and grab that dough. Shout-out to Lupe and Kanye cause that s–t cray when it hit the horn. Bet I need a toupee when I dipped out of there home-boy. That’s how hard I ball.” Those are some extremely sly bars right there. All in all, this song is a certified banger. ¡Oye!, P/1 (Phonetic ONE), and DJ *Hitmayng, should be very proud of this one.

**My Two Cents: This might just be my new favorite track of the Summer. The production is ridiculous and the content is sizzling. If people weren’t sure about RAGELIFE before, this song will definitely make them believers. I am seriously looking forward to the project dropping next month. Readers need to click that link and get this record in their personal music rotation asap. -MinM

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