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RAGELIFE – “Let Me Go”

by Miracle

ragelife-let-me-go-artwork(Photo By Band Camp)

“Let Me Go” (listen/download)

In the last few posts that featured Milwaukee rapper ¡Oye!, there were talks about his new group venture RAGELIFE. He has teamed up with fellow musical comrades, Andrew “P/1” Thomas and Ian “DJ *hitmayng” Carroll. Together the trio create a sound that is comprised of the genres of: Hip-Hop, EDM, and Funk. Their goal with the new venture is to take all of their individual styles/talents and turn them into a brand that serves as: “a way to describe the intense battle of hard work and constant energy, all while having the time of your life,” (Press Release). The group’s debut LP is slated for release sometime in August and will be self-titled. The official first single from the debut is labeled “Let Me Go.” The song is actually a remix of “About You” by an artist who goes by the moniker of XXYYXX.

For those who haven’t heard the original track, the production is slick. It is made up of: a flat foundation, atmospheric secondary elements, an unhurried tempo, and a nonchalant vibe. The hook is legit. It entails warped vocals at work and black & white lyrics. The verses are gratifying.  The flows are crisp, the wordplay is first-rate, and the rhymes are proficient. The fellas penned an off-beat number that throws caution to the wind as it pertains to remaining faithful in a relationship. A handful of noteworthy lines include: “Yeah I’m with it. Baby f–k that politicking. Nah, I ain’t Mitt Romney. Chilling in the cut is where you find me. All them other mothaf–kas wanna do you grimy. You know P always come through with perfect timing. Now the smell of yo perfume and the fumes from a lot of trees filling up the room. We consumed off the sour dies. All I wanna do is give you a whole lot of me until that thing looking like I went and hit the lottery.” Very debonair game being spit by P/1 in those bars that would definitely tempt any lady to get into a little trouble. Overall, this was a fresh remix.

**My Two Cents: This was a great rendition. The fellas adapted to the beat perfectly. Everything had a nice continuity about it and the content was well put together. If this is just a taste of what RAGELIFE brings to the table, they are on to something for sure. If readers agree, then they need to keep an eye on those above links. The second single off of the LP, “Champagne Range” is set to hit the net via video this month and it includes a guest appearance from 414 heavy hitter Klassik. I am very excited to check it out and will certainly share it with the site if given the opportunity. -MinM

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