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Eli Saf – “LORD$”

by Miracle

IMG_1060(Photo By Eli Saf)

“LORD$” (listen/download)

Eli Saf is a budding artist/producer in his teens. He hails from the Bronx, New York. He is specifically repping for the Soundview area which is known for breeding rappers like Mickey Factz. His goal with his music is to bring back some glory and spotlight to the Bronx city. As he works to achieve that goal, he is gearing up to drop a mixtape later this year titled I AM L.A.M.E (Lost Among Many Equals). The first single off of the tape is called “LORD$” and it was produced by Eli himself. He did a good job as the production is quality. It consists of a level bass, subtle background components, a medium gait, and a relaxed vibe. The hook is up to par. The delivery is proper and the lyrics are satisfactory. The verses are fair. Eli presents a logical flow, decent wordplay, and personal rhymes. He airs out some of his grievances with life, discusses hardships, and more. A few lines worth remembering are: “I’d rather be alone cause these people treat me s–tty. My heart ain’t even home. Cause I feel like something’s missing. My mind is in the zone. Cause these people think I’m finished. My heart so f–king cold. Not a chance that you could fix it. Man this s–t so hard. But I let a woman change me. I bought her f–king flowers. Gave her all my time. This ain’t no f–king Bruno Mars.” Those are some very sobering bars right there. As a whole, this was a valid offering.

**My Two Cents: This was a modest single. I like Eli’s flow and style. I think his rhymes could have been a tad bit stronger though. They just need a more intricate approach to them. Since he is only 17 though, he definitely has time to grow and develop. I think readers will feel the same way. However, the only way to know for sure is to give it an ear. So click play and then hit Eli up at the provided link and let him know what you think. -MinM

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