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Cezar – Free Dope (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

Cezar_Free_Dope-front-large(Photo By Dat Piff)

“Lion” (previous review)

Cezar (Check Chasers Mafia) officially unleashed his latest mixtape Free Dope a couple of weeks ago. The 12 track collective is meant to tide his supporters over until he drops his next major project. The tape doesn’t contain too many guest features and sees the 414 spitter experimenting with different styles to demonstrate his range. See what kind of high The Illixer gets off of the new offering after the break.

Decided to take a different approach with this review, since all of the tracks on this tape fall on the shorter side. The project opens with “The Purge.” The production falls in line with the daunting nature of the popular Horror film franchise while the content itself plays more on the meaning of the term. The differing elements come together to provide a cool low key opening for the mixtape. The remainder of the first half picks up the momentum a bit with catchy hustling themed songs like “I Got It” and “Money.” It’s like Cezar needed to get a few things off of his chest before getting down to business.

The middling section brings a more raw grittier feel to the table. “Me Ok” is the standout in this area. It happens to be a rendition of the Young Jeezy record by the same name. The original production stays in tact and it’s a perfect fit for Cezar’s classic hood style. He goes in for a little over a minute with a well blended flow and superior rhymes. He does a fine job of flexing his personality along with his lyrical abilities with lines like: “And you know CCM the Mob. In love with chips like Frito Lay. Me okay. I’m thanking God cause I got paid today. Are you okay? You got no drive. Boy please stay out my lane. (…) Might wreck yo ship if you can’t ride the wave. I surf and blaze. Surfboard of Purple Haze.” Scorching CezMix for sure. The previously released “Lion” falls on this part of the tape too.

The final piece of the tape takes on a more serious tone. It sees Cezar adding more depth to his content, drawing from a personal space. Additionally, he utilizes more of his versatility too. “Weight” is the highlight here. It also served as the buzz single for the tape’s campaign. Ado The God offers a laid back style beat with a hefty bass-line and plush urban musical details. The hook is easy going with an unique melodic delivery and lyrics that stick. The verses are optimum. Cezar provides a refreshing flow with crafty wordplay and diligent rhymes. He exemplifies the meaning of the title effortlessly. It’s a great choice for a leading number. “10 Grams” is worth a mention as well. It’s a quick CezMix of Drake‘s smash hit “10 Bands” and it closes out the collective.

**My Two Cents: As a whole, Free Dope definitely provides a solid auditory high. The songs could have been a little more complete but otherwise no complaints. Cez gave us his traditional style as well as tried some new things. And the production is the same grade A quality as always. I think readers/fans will be very satisfied with the tape. Can’t wait for the upcoming EP. -MinM

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