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Bili Ro$e F/ Jon Briggz – “Hunned Proof”

by Miracle

artworks-000122892529-thot7f-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Bili Ro$e has been pretty consistent with the rolling out of new tunes this Summer and he’s made sure that the site doesn’t miss a thing. His latest offering pairs him up with fellow artist Jon Briggz. The duo created a track coined “Hunned Proof” and it is produced by Metro Boomin.

The production here is top notch. The healthy foundation, luring background ingredients, magnetic rhythm, and businesslike vibe result in a highly pleasing blend. The hook is on point as well. The delivery is orderly and the lyrics are pointed. The verses are suitable. Bili Ro$e takes on the beginning portion of the record and Jon Briggz shows up for the last half. Both artists exercise well-defined flows, sufficient wordplay, and legitimate rhymes. They provide ideal examples of what the single’s title is all about. A highlight from Mr. Ro$e includes: “When my hand go up, yo mouth go shut. A real n—a talking. I need all y’all eyes on me (on me). Like a bad b—h walked in. Don’t ask for it often. Like a dike ask for dick when she swearing that she off men. Been fly since walk-mans, wheat Timbs, wheat thins, and Aaliyah’s coffin. I’m a king. When I die you should bury me in gold too.” One can not deny the fact that those bars right there make for a relatively engaging opening. Overall, this is a crisp collaboration.

**My Two Cents: Bili Ro$e & Jon Briggz work well together. The production here fits them both nicely. There is a seamless transition between their verses. And they standout as individuals while complimenting each other’s styles at the same time. I dig it. I believe readers will too. So go ahead, treat those ears. -MinM

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