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The Movie Council – Exodus: Gods and Kings (Review)

by Miracle

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The film Exodus: Gods and Kings is a rendition of Moses freeing the Hebrew slaves from Egypt and the ten commandments as told in the Bible. More specifically in the Book Of Exodus. It has been one of the most talked about as well as controversial films of the year due to the racial implications that occurred as a result of the casting choices. So it only made sense that the movie would be chosen as The Movie Council’s first ever review. Find out what they thought about the film along with the final rating they gave it after the break.

Rick Porter gets the ball rolling with his thoughts on Ridley Scott‘s directing abilities. Overall, he seems to be pretty pleased with how everything played out. The cinematography seems to be a real highlight for him. The rest of his council members tended to agree. Qewl Miles then picks things up with a discussion of the quality of the acting in the film. Christian Bale and Joel Edgerton take on the lead roles of Moses and Ramses. And Qewl believes they nailed it. He feels like they were committed and therefore made the storyline very much so believable. He also feels like the supporting actors stepped up to the plate as well. And once again the rest of the council were on the same page. Rich P takes over next with his thoughts on the actual script. He feels like the writing is solid with no real issues to be found. He also appreciates the dramatic and biblical elements there are present in the screenplay. His team had nothing opposing to report.

So Keelo Graham steps in next with the flaws of the film. He didn’t find any glaring issues just little inconsistencies such as: silly dialog bits, over exaggeration with the plagues, etc. And this time around there was a slight difference of opinion from Qewl Miles. It was interesting to see a cordial debate take place. And then Kal’L finally chimes in with the topic that everyone indulging in a review for this particular film would want addressed, the race issue. The group pretty much feels that the race of the actors doesn’t take away from or harm the film at all. They think it boils down to a matter of personal tastes & ethics but that Hollywood does need to work on some of it’s white washing and historical accuracy issues though. The Movie Council’s final word on Exodus: Gods and Kings is that it ranks a 4 out of 5 stars. Which means that viewers should definitely go see it in theaters.

**My Two Cents: Exodus: Gods and Kings is not my cup of tea so I have no plans on seeing it. Nothing to do with race or anything like that, just personally not into the genre/style of the film. But I think the guys did an excellent job of breaking everything down. And they tastefully tackled the controversy issue. I think readers will enjoy The Movie Council’s perspective on the film as well as be surprised by the ending. On another note, have to take a moment to give a nod to Philly Fly Boy who created the snazzy new video intro for the council. It looks great. Stay tuned for the next review and be sure to keep up with the fellas on Facebook and Twitter (see above). -MinM

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