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Loud Management Presents: #ISupport Volume 3 – Osama Thraxxx & Lansky

by Miracle

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#ISupport Volume 1 (listen/download)

#ISupport Volume 2 (listen/download)

The #ISupport Volume 3 campaign is coming to a close today as the big release date is finally here. Everything goes down tonight at Jesse’s Bar starting at 9pm. All of the involved parties are gearing up as we speak. Details for tonight’s festivities can be found in the above flyer. There are two final artists to show some love to before the promo venture completely wraps up.

Osama Thraxxx (AnharKist Entertainment) is a name that readers have seen before. The artist/poet has been doing his thing within the scene for some time now, bringing a very unique sound to the world of Trap/Street Rap. He is currently preparing to release a project called Trap Monsta, the lead single of which is a collaboration with fellow artist Big D entitled “TrapWaukee.”

His submission to the soon to be released mixtape is a track dubbed “WTF” which he produced himself. He stated the following about the single: “It’s my second single off of ‘Osama’s World’ featuring Big D and everybody feels like ‘wtf’ some days and that’s what inspired the song.”

Osama Thraxxx Defines Support As: Support to me is unity which would help the local Milwaukee Scene. If all artists, producers, etc put their talent behind the city we would progress a lot faster instead of everyone working with their own circles instead of the entire Trapwaukee.”

And last but certainly not least, we have Lansky. He is a Mil-Town born & bred artist. He has a laid back demeanor, causal flow, and likeable way with words. Every now and then, his supporters can catch him spitting a little something acapella via short videos on social media.

His song for the #ISupport Volume 3 tape is labeled “Stir It Up.” It is produced by DJ Razor and the 414 rapper states that it is simply inspired by real life events.”

Lansky Defines Support As:Support to me means liking the music, understanding the artists, and learning their verses.”

To keep up with Osama Thraxxx readers can check out his official artist page here. And readers who are interested in Lansky can find him via Facebook. It has a been pleasure featuring the artists of the #ISupport Volume 3 campaign on the site and hopefully everyone enjoys tonight’s affair as well as the mixtape. Much love to Heather Marie for making this all happen! -MinM

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