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#ISupport Volume 5

Heather Marie ended her 2015 with the fifth release of her popular series. The #ISupport Volume 5 release event took place on the 19th of December at a brand new location. Everyone gathered at The Uptowner to show love for the music scene tastemaker and the fresh project. S-Class reprised his role as host. He filled the night with laughter and charisma as he worked the room with his signature shades and backpack. DJ Smoke One wound up as the master behind the one’s and two’s.

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Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/520649811432821

Important Info:

What – Avid Milwaukee music scene enthusiast Heather Marie has put together another installment of her infamous #ISupport series. She is officially on volume number five. She is unveiling the new mixtape during a release event that will take place this month.

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As previously mentioned, this past Thursday (6/18) marked the release of #ISupport Volume 4 (R&B Edition) featuring various local artists and put together by music scene favorite Heather Marie. To honor the big day, the queen of support put together an event at The Mason Jar with Inferno on the tables and the one and only S-Class as the host.

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It’s that time again. Queen music scene supporter Heather Marie and her Loud Management team have put together yet another volume for her #ISupport series. This makes for the fourth installment of the endeavor. This time around, Heather decided to switch things up a bit and go with an R&B theme.

Unfinished BiznessUnfinished BiznessBK(Photos By Loud Management)

We all love to find unreleased gems from our favorite artists. It’s something about finding out what type of zone the artist was in when creating their project. And that ladies and gentlemen leads us to, Unfinished BIZness. Unfinished BIZness is a compilation of tracks from the original Da BIZness recording session from Milwaukee native Bizal McLoud. Here is where the listener gets a peek into Bizal’s creative process. Unfinished BIZness is the perfect title for this mixtape. There is a little something missing from a few of these tracks that makes you understand why it’s unfinished and didn’t make Da BIZness.