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Heather Marie & Loud Management Presents: #ISupport Volume 4 (R&B Edition)

by Miracle

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It’s that time again. Queen music scene supporter Heather Marie and her Loud Management team have put together yet another volume for her #ISupport series. This makes for the fourth installment of the endeavor. This time around, Heather decided to switch things up a bit and go with an R&B theme.

Her motivation in doing so was to get different artists in Milwaukee to step outside of their comfort zones and collaborate with fresh faces. Be it because they never worked with a certain individual before or because the individual is new to the scene, she just wanted everyone to have novel experiences. Plus, it’s a great networking opportunity. Artists are always searching for features when working on their respective projects. And it will allow the lesser known names involved to get a moment to shine. The project consists of tunes from popular 414 names such as Trunk Bussa and Nu Money as well as some names that are just starting to gain some traction in the music game like Natasha Nafrini. There are 16 tracks altogether.

A couple of The Illixer‘s favorite cuts are as follows (We got an early listen, sponsorship perks, lol):

“I Do Too,” by Trunk Bussa – It’s a totally different side of the charismatic outspoken rapper. He utilizes melodies, indulges in grown & sexy content, and just really ventures outside of the box. It’s a great look for him.

 “Addicted” by Tweezy – This is the site’s first time hearing Tweezy do his thing. He makes a very notable first impression. His vocals are smooth and his lyrics are well polished. Everything is set to a nice complimentary production that is a real treat for the ears. Not hard to understand at all why Heather snatched up the crooner for her project.

“That’s A Ten” by Cincere F/ Songwritaz – This record is undeniably catchy. The production is fire. You can’t help but move when the beat drops. The content is pure entertainment. And the overall vibe of the tune is perfect for the club / party scene. No question why Cincere is one of the most well respected vets in the game.

These are just three of the gems on the tape. The entire volume is actually pretty valid. Everyone does a significant job of representing for the city. For those interested, the tape will be released on the 18th of this month via Dat Piff. Hard copies will also be available via the official release party event where fans will have the chance to catch all of the artists involved performing live. There will be some special guests taking the stage too. And everyone will be celebrating the born day of Miss Marie. So the 18th will be a big night. It’s all going down at The Mason Jar. Peep the official event page here for further details. If you’ve never gotten into the #ISupport movement before now (shame on you), but this would seriously be a good edition to start with. Much love to Heather Marie and her Loud Management team for allowing the site to be a part of everything once again. See y’all next Thursday! -MinM

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