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Jon Briggz – Still Lost (Album Review)

by Pooh Bailey

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And now back to the Hip-Hop. Introducing Jon Briggz. Along with his label and his group We R The Lost, Jon Briggz aims to have the radar of Milwaukee’s Hip-Hop scene focus on his debut project Still Lost. On Still Lost, Jon Briggz blends searing political messages on “The Times” and “New Black” with stories of failed relationships on “Say the Word” and “X.” With production from Milwaukee’s own Derelle Rideout, Still Lost is on the hunt for Rookie of the Year.

The first thing that catches our attention is that this is the perfect album to perform live. This album was made for the live band atmosphere, so kudos to Rideout on production. Next, is that Jon Briggz flow not only brings the listener in, but it keeps the listener’s attention for every minute and every second. Still Lost is a blend of having social awareness without it coming off as an after school special. But is this album worth your time?

Pros: As stated before the production on this LP is striking. Songs like “Still Got Love” and “You Made It” puts you in the mindset of No ID and Havoc. The other pro is that Jon Briggz flow is wicked. His flow is natural. It doesn’t come off as manufactured but authentic. The one thing that I love that most isn’t just the authenticity but also that it’s believable. Meaning some projects can come off as authentic but still not be believable. That is not the case here.

Cons: One thing I always tell an artist is that, when collaborating with your own project, don’t get washed. It seems that almost all the artists that were featured on this album came a little stronger on the track than Briggz. This is not the best, especially for a debut. On “Lost” rapper Sir Castro straight murdered the track. On “Influence” artist Slim Ali might not have totally murdered the track, but he was the memorable thing about it.

So is Still Lost right for you? Honestly, if you’re a fan of the new kids (Drake, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole) then this is up your alley. This isn’t no Trap music. Still Lost is for the live-band lovers and fans of story tellers. For the fans of social consciousness and the ones who have lost love. Not only will you be introduced to great music, but a few new artists will be added to your list of ‘who to checkout.’ So go ahead purchase Still Lost and thank me later. –Pooh Bailey

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