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Cezar – “California” [CezMix]

by Miracle

artworks-000120464024-su8582-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

 This past Tuesday (6/16) marked what would have been the 44th birthday of the late great Tupac Shakur. A variety of creative tributes to the fallen emcee poured out on social media from artists like Jhene Aiko and Chris Brown. Milwaukee’s own Cezar decided to release an ode as well. He revamped his trademark #TwosUpTuesday with a CezMix of Pac’s legendary single “California Love.” Great way to signify his return for the year.

The original classic production remains untouched. That is a good thing. There is no traditional type hook placed on this record, giving it more of a freestyle sort of feel. There are few melodic tidbits at the end of the selection that give a nod to the title though. The continuous verse is hot. Cezar comes at the beat with a versatile flow, quick wordplay, and specialized rhymes. He let his inner West Coast gangsta reign supreme and Pac would be very proud. A couple of lines worth highlighting include: “Strictly for my n—as, pimps, hoes, and dealers. Product of the ghetto. Born chasing after millions. Player check my vision. I see it so vivid. Whip it out the skillet then supply it to the city. Suck that b—h dry like it’s titties. Only the realest gone feel me. CCM hoe, no set tripping. All black bandanas, my hitters bananas.” The finesse within those bars right there is crazy. As a whole, this is a dope rendition and way to pay homage to one of the best to bless the mic.

**My Two Cents: First things first, welcome back Cezar! Your music has been missed. Second, we ride for Pac here on the site. So may he continue to rest in peace. And now on to the song. I love it. Touching a major mainstream hit is always risky. And the beat is a little outside of Cez’s normal realm. But he definitely rose to the challenge. The flexibility of his flow is impressive and the content is slick. He did the original hit justice and then some. I highly suggest that everyone lend it an ear. And if you’re craving an original Cez cut, no worries. He released two joints for #TwosUpTuesday. “Lion” will hit the site soon. So stay tuned. -MinM

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