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Drama Sinatra – “Unkind” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

Unkind cover(Photo By Trac-Qaeda Music Group)

Rapper Drama, now going by the moniker Drama Sinatra, has joined the ranks of many artists with their own music release venture. He has coined his endeavor the #SinatraSeries and he is two installments in at the moment. The second offering from the undertaking is a single simply titled “Unkind.” The song is produced by Trac-Qaeda of course and it has a complimentary video.

The production here is logical. The orderly bass line, darker background components, medium tempo, and grave vibe make for an appropriate combination. The hook is adequate as well. The delivery is low key and the lyrics are intriguing. The verses are dignified. Drama Sinatra steps up to the plate with a rugged flow, fiery wordplay, and forceful rhymes. He embodies the aura of the title flawlessly. A sprinkling of lines to take note of include: “I tell a rapper f–k your friendship. I mean that. Don’t wanna be like you. I’m speaking so endearing while gripping up on this micro. This just a system. You puppets stuck in the cycle. You the same as all them ballplayers dreaming to be like Michael. Stop it, don’t drop it. I’ll tell you just who you are. An on & off n—a just hoping to be a star. This s–t is sickening.” Those are some nasty opening bars right there from Mr. Sinatra. All in all, this is a competent selection.

The video is a product of MDot Cinema. The color scheme for the piece is black and white. The setting is outdoors in a sort of wooded area. The flick kicks off with Drama Sinatra making his way to a body of water. Once he reaches an embankment, he begins to strip down to merely a tank top and shorts. Eventually, the plot transitions to the rapper being submerged in the water where he proceeds to give a lively performance. The piece concludes with a shot of Drama with his crew vibing out under a tunnel of some kind. As a whole, this is a seemly viewing.

**My Two Cents: This is a viable track & video release from Drama Sinatra. The song itself has a slick beat and the content is up to par. The video is on point too. Definitely not quite what one might expect to see as a physical companion to the record which is a good thing. Always nice to see artists pushing their creativity to different levels. I believe readers will appreciate both efforts as well. So check ’em out when you have a chance and feel free to leave a line or two in the comments section to share your thoughts. -MinM

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