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#ISupport Volume 4 (R&B Edition) – Release Event

by Miracle

10401956_10100967671750054_3500297725038833721_n(Photo By Loud GPX)

As previously mentioned, this past Thursday (6/18) marked the release of #ISupport Volume 4 (R&B Edition) featuring various local artists and put together by music scene favorite Heather Marie. To honor the big day, the queen of support put together an event at The Mason Jar with Inferno on the tables and the one and only S-Class as the host.

The showcase brought out a nice intimate sized crowd. As a reward for attending, Miss Marie gifted guests with hard copies of the project. S-Class kept things light spirited and entertaining while Inferno fused the evening with bangers from mainstream talents to local personas. The performers held their own as well, bringing everything to the mix from spoken word to Hip-Hop to R&B. A couple of The Illixer’s favorite moments are as follows …
Montrey Slayton: Montrey Slayton kicked off the R&B portion of the evening. He bestowed the ultimate honor upon the lady of evening by serenading her with a soulful rendition of ‘Happy Birthday.’ He then moved on to belting out a few of his hits, including his current smash single “Take It Off.” Which host S-Class made sure to incorporate into his comedic endeavors for the night. Montrey’s genuine passion and sterling harmonies made for an awesome representation for the crooners. He truly set the bar.
The return of the fabulous Annie Mae. Annie Mae has been keeping a pretty low profile. So there was a certain buzz of excitement when the beautiful spirit took to the stage. And she came with quite the surprise for the audience. She has made the transition from doing traditional style R&B to a more Reggae type of sound. A little unexpected but she slayed it none the less and had the whole crowd vibing with her. And her a-capella tribute to her late family member left a striking mark on the hearts of everyone. Welcome back Annie Mae, welcome back.
Shawn Guala: It is one thing to pick up a microphone and sing. It is an entirely different type of magic though when instruments become involved. And Shawn Guala demonstrated that flawlessly. He broke out his keyboard for his moment in the spotlight and left the attendees in awe. Garnering comparisons to names such as John Legend, he gave a heartfelt performance, going out of his way to make sure to keep the crowd involved. It was the site’s first time seeing him live and he certainly made a wonderful first impression.
Rich P. and Natasha Nafrini are a couple of other performers who deserve honorable mentions. Everyone put forth respectable efforts as a whole though and the night was full of nothing but love and positivity. The Illixer was proud to be a sponsor of the festivities and it was great to see everyone coming together in the name of music. Many props to Heather Marie for being behind the endeavor and be sure to hit up Dat Piff to check out #ISupport Volume 4 (R&B Edition) if you haven’t heard it already. You do not want to miss out. -MinM

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