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Bizal McLoud – Unfinished BIZness (Mixtape Review)

by Pooh Bailey

Unfinished BiznessUnfinished BiznessBK(Photos By Loud Management)

We all love to find unreleased gems from our favorite artists. It’s something about finding out what type of zone the artist was in when creating their project. And that ladies and gentlemen leads us to, Unfinished BIZness. Unfinished BIZness is a compilation of tracks from the original Da BIZness recording session from Milwaukee native Bizal McLoud. Here is where the listener gets a peek into Bizal’s creative process. Unfinished BIZness is the perfect title for this mixtape. There is a little something missing from a few of these tracks that makes you understand why it’s unfinished and didn’t make Da BIZness.

However, there are a few gems that are sprinkled throughout this project. “Chasing Cool” has Bizal McLoud dropping knowledge for his young fans. Think of Slick Rick’s “Hey Young World” in 2015. “Munchies” will have the listener missing the days of watching New York rappers’ videos on The Box. Sitting in the stairwell in bubble coats is the mind frame that this gem puts you in. “The Client” is the track for the trappers and the pretenders. What is so dope about “The Client” is Bizal warns you before he goes Hannibal Lecter the beat.

Just like Nas’s Lost Tapes, Unfinished BIZness needs to be in your music catalog. Not so much for the quality but more so as an ode to the beginning of Bizal McLoud’s takeover. Unfinished BIZness is great for what it is and that’s to hold you over until Bizal’s In My Book EP drops. So do yourself a favor and take a listen. You might discover your own favorite gem hidden amongst this unfinished business. -Pooh Bailey

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