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Rod McCoy – “Girl You Know (Cosign)”

by Miracle

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Rod McCoy (AHE) took his supporters back to his solo efforts about a month ago when he released a new track entitled “Girl You Know (Cosign).” He threw in a little twist though with a sound that he describes as a cross between Marvin Gaye and Gucci Mane. If that doesn’t generate some interest, nothing will. Get the scoop on the offering after the break.

The production here is conventional. The level foundation, well matched background elements, unhurried tempo, and seasoned vibe pair up graciously together. The hook is decent. Rod McCoy successfully tries his hand at busting out some harmonies and the lyrics are alluring. The verses are proficient. Rod McCoy yields a settled flow, specific wordplay, and telling rhymes. He takes the listener through his efforts to win over a special lady that he encounters in an easygoing manner. An excerpt from his romantic venture includes: “If I’m lucky from time to time, I see you around the way. Never ignited conversation. But you driving a brother crazy. Possibility of rejection keeping me here at bay cause you probably careful with your selection. All of them boys they like to play. Logically I’m retreating on ya. And I probably smell like that weed aroma. But our eyes connected as we crossed paths. So I’m like f–k it, I got speak or something.” Those opening lines right there set the tone of the track perfectly. Overall, this is a quality out of the box number from the Southern homie.

**My Two Cents: When I first saw the Marvin & Gucci reference, I was not sure what to expect from this record at all (lol). But I have to admit that I am pleasantly surprised. The production is legit and Rod McCoy laces the hook & verses properly. I really dig the fact that he took a chance by incorporating melody into the mix. He’s got some alright chops. I believe readers will dig this track too. So go ahead, click play, and zone out while thinking about that certain someone. -MinM

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