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The Movie Council – The Wedding Ringer (Rich P.’s Review)

by Miracle

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Comedian Kevin Hart is the reigning king of funny and has been riding high for a minute now. So of course whenever one of his film’s hits theaters it’s a pretty big deal. His latest offering comes in the form of a flick titled The Wedding Ringer. It co-stars Josh Gad and was released just this past weekend. The flick centers around a man who finds himself in a pickle with his wedding date drawing near and no one to be his best man. He ends up utilizing the services of a company that provides best men for guys who struggle socially. And as one might imagine, things get pretty zany but result in an unexpected genuine friendship being formed. The one and only Rich P. decided to step out and see the film on behalf of The Movie Council. Discover his thoughts after the break.

Rich opens up with a few words on budding director Jeremy Garelick‘s efforts. He is happy with how the directing turned out. Especially given the fact that Garelick doesn’t have an extensive resume under his belt just yet. He believes the movie landed just as a well done comedy should. As Garelick is also one of the writers of the picture, he speaks to that as well. He got in some chuckles throughout his viewing and appreciates the fact that for the most part nothing comes across as overkill. He does mention that the storyline is just decent though. Which is expected as the premise is slightly conventional.

As far as negatives go, he comments that there is one scene in particular that misses the mark and comes off as a tad unkind instead of funny. As to not spoil the film, he leaves out any serious details but states that it’s pretty easy to identify upon watching. A highlight Rich thinks everyone will enjoy, football fans for sure, is that Joe Namath makes a cameo appearance. So it’s a nice seasonal element as the Superbowl is on the horizon. Rich’s final word on the film is that viewers should definitely go see it in theaters. He thinks it’s a perfect date night option or just a good way to satisfy those who enjoy a bit of humor in their lives. If you saw the movie and want to engage in a discussion with Rich, he welcomes all commentary on the video. So don’t be afraid to speak up.

**My Two Cents: I LOVE Kevin Hart. So I was a little nervous about checking out this review because I know Rich can be a tough critic and I didn’t want the movie tainted for me (lol). But he gives some genuine, positive, and concise feedback. I like how he touches on all of the important aspects about the flick without giving away too much. And even though I was planning to see it regardless (haha), he certainly adds to my desire to check it out. I think readers will get a kick out of this as well. So go ahead and press play! -MinM

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