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#ISupport Volume 5 – Release Event

by Miracle

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#ISupport Volume 5

Heather Marie ended her 2015 with the fifth release of her popular series. The #ISupport Volume 5 release event took place on the 19th of December at a brand new location. Everyone gathered at The Uptowner to show love for the music scene tastemaker and the fresh project. S-Class reprised his role as host. He filled the night with laughter and charisma as he worked the room with his signature shades and backpack. DJ Smoke One wound up as the master behind the one’s and two’s.

The Uptowner staff was very accommodating and welcoming. They kept the crowd in good spirits by supplying quality drinks as well as dope selections when technical difficulties arose. And what a crowd it was. In addition to the performers, there were a lot of elite Milwaukee names in the building who came out such as Rockz Solid and $killz. Once the venue was nice and full, the show got under way. FamousMuthafucka put his camera down for a few to kick things off. He gave a laid back performance that highlighted a couple of pretty likeable tunes. He was followed up by some faces that were familiar to a handful of individuals but new to others, the site included. Kenzie and Capon 4 are a couple of the fresh talents that made an impression on the site. The first half of the evening was definitely on point.

Unfortunately, The Illixer staff wasn’t able to stay for the entire duration of the festivities. However, we had some faithful readers & supporters on deck to report back on what they felt were the highlights of the rest of the affair. Trunk Bussa got a lot of love for his set but that comes as no real surprise. Cezar seemed to be the unexpected treat. He’s been kind of quiet on the performance front as of late but he certainly made his presence felt at the #ISupport Volume 5 release party. Nu Money is another name that garnered a healthy buzz from the people. Again, no shocker there either. He always delivers when he’s in the spotlight. Based on all of the feedback, the endeavor ended just as strongly as it began. The #ISupport Volume 5 release is seemingly the most well received in the series thus far. The series is growing and getting better with every installment. Definitely looking forward to seeing how it advances throughout the new year. For anyone whose interested, volume five of the series can be heard via the link at the beginning of the post. And those who aren’t already up on it can follow Heather Marie’s movement here. -MinM


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