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Versailles The Everything – “The Voice”

by Miracle

artworks-000138175463-lc1aha-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

One of the site’s favorite Floridians, Versailles The Everything, ended her 2015 with new music. She is getting her supporters ready for an upcoming project simply titled 3AM. The new track that she is pushing makes for the second release off of the pending collective. It’s labeled “The Voice” and it is produced by Tre Aces.

The production here is a little unorthodox yet of a high caliber quality. It consists of: a hushed foundation, conservative secondary ingredients, a fluctuating tempo, and a restful vibe. The hook is fresh. The vocals are expressive and the lyrics are direct. The verses are gratifying. Versailles The Everything flexes both her singing and spitting abilities. She delivers both favorably with intricate wordplay and one of a kind lyrics/rhymes. She plays heavily on the concept of being ‘woke’ and gives a bit of a teaser pertaining to the notion behind her upcoming release. A sprinkling of lines worth highlighting are: “All the drugs in the city can’t take you that far. You’re wide awake. More asleep whenever you are. Come take a dose of reality in the middle of the dark. Wake up … wake up … wake up. N—a you tired? Well hurry up my n—a go to sleep. Ain’t nobody mad at the world but a lazy bum like you and them n—as in the streets. Get your s–t together.” One has to appreciate the profound nature of those opening words right there. Definitely makes one hit the rewind button and do some thinking. All in all, this track is a hit.

**My Two Cents: This is a great second single. The production is very magnetic because of it’s slightly different style. The hook is catchy. And the content is such that you really have to pay attention to grasp it. I love music that challenges the listener a bit. I think readers need to take a moment and groove to this asap. 3AM is hitting the airwaves sometime this year and I am certainly looking forward to bringing it to the site. So stay tuned. -MinM

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