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Heather Marie Presents: #ISupport Volume 5 (Event)

by Miracle

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Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/520649811432821

Important Info:

What – Avid Milwaukee music scene enthusiast Heather Marie has put together another installment of her infamous #ISupport series. She is officially on volume number five. She is unveiling the new mixtape during a release event that will take place this month.

The event will include a copy of the tape with the cost of admission, live performances by the artists featured on the collective, and a drive for the less fortunate. Performers on the bill include: Trunk Bussa, Nu Money, Armonie Man, Son Em’ All, Big Fab, and plenty more.

When – December 19th (Saturday) from 9pm to 2:30am

Where – Uptowner (1032 E Center St.)

Cost – $5 Cover Charge

Why You Should Attend: Heather Marie always goes above & beyond to show love to those in the local music scene. Even if it means she has to make personal sacrifices like taking off of work. Thus, it is only right that the city comes together to return the love back to her tenfold. Additionally, the event will provide an opportunity for guests to give back during the holiday season. She is teaming up with an acquaintance to collect new socks for various local shelters around the city. It is reported that socks are the least donated item to charities. And if that’s not enough, the line up is packed with heat that includes some names that have been pretty low key as of late. Exciting stuff for sure. Sinista New Breed is on deck to DJ and back up S-Class, who will be hosting. Everything should make for a highly enjoyable night. To RSVP for the event and to get more thorough details, readers can check out the official Facebook Page (see above). The Illixer will be in the building along with our Life + Music = affiliates. Hope to see you there as well. -MinM

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