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What – Avid Milwaukee music scene enthusiast Heather Marie has put together another installment of her infamous #ISupport series. She is officially on volume number five. She is unveiling the new mixtape during a release event that will take place this month.

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FamousMuthafucka (U.N.O) is a Milwaukee based artist and producer. He just released his debut mixtape not too long ago. It’s entitled The Real Me Vs. The One You Know. It was produced entirely by the rapper himself with the exception of one track which was produced by Foxaz Beats. There are 16 tracks total and they include guest appearances from the likes of: Lady SabO, Big Fab, Son Em’ All, and a few others. There are also a couple of visuals in the mix as well which were done by Self Made and 40Mil. Continue reading to see how Famous’ first project ever went over with The Illixer.

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Free Sample (listen/download)

It’s been a while since the site was graced with the presence of local Milwaukee faction BlackWorld Music Group. Thus decided to share their recent release which happens to be the video “Butterflies” by member Big Fab. It is a track off of his Free Sample project that was dropped last year. The single samples a record of the same name by hit R&B songstress Alicia Keys off of her Songs In A Minor LP. Producer and fellow group member B.u. takes the slow tempo piano driven original cut, fuses it with a smooth Hip-Hop foundation, and gives it an alluring rhythm. It’s an excellent rendition of the music. Big Fab steps way outside of his psychotic controversial character and pens a mellow tale of love & longing. It is a very refreshing change of pace. Overall, the fellas nailed this remix on all aspects. Alica Keys would be very impressed.

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The homies over at BlackWorld Music Group set forth a video earlier this month that causes a mixed reaction of admiration and fear. It’s for a track called “That’s Crazy.” The track was produced by B.u. and also boasts him as an artist along with his long time partner in crime, Big Fab. It is a menacing cut complete with chilling sound effects and twisted content. See just how disturbing things got when the two teamed up with a small group  of acquaintances to put some visuals behind their creepy tune.

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Free Sample (listen/download)

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word psychopath as: a mentally ill or unstable person; especially a person affected with anti-social personality disorder who engages in deranged behavior. But the Milwaukee Hip-Hop scene defines the term as Big Fab of BlackWorld Music Group. He’s earned the reputation via his insane energy and antics during his live performances. And now he has fully embraced the persona and taken it to a whole new level in his debut video for his song entitled “Psycho.” Check out the madness below.