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Big Fab & B.u. – “That’s Crazy” (Video)

by Miracle

(Photo By Facebook)

The homies over at BlackWorld Music Group set forth a video earlier this month that causes a mixed reaction of admiration and fear. It’s for a track called “That’s Crazy.” The track was produced by B.u. and also boasts him as an artist along with his long time partner in crime, Big Fab. It is a menacing cut complete with chilling sound effects and twisted content. See just how disturbing things got when the two teamed up with a small group  of acquaintances to put some visuals behind their creepy tune.


This video was directed and edited by another member of the BlackWorld collective, Boys Like Britain. It takes place at a haunted facility on the State Fair grounds. Several artists make spooky guest appearances in this piece such as Lady SabO and members of Team WatzGud. The plot for the video has all the makings of the perfect Horror flick. Fab and B.u. are each getting in touch with their inner maniac in separate parts of the building when they are suddenly abducted by a mysterious figure. The two end up chained together and meet an unfortunate fate. The flick ends with the identity of the mysterious figure revealed. Readers will have to watch the video for themselves though to find out who it is. The video is accented by epic costumes, authentic makeup, and dark special effects. Overall, this was a wicked yet imaginative project.

**My Two Cents: This was one warped video but at the same time it was such a spot on representation of BlackWorld Music Group. One has to love the creativity and commitment shown here. Much respect to Big Fab and B.u. on a cool track and their acting. And props to BLB for putting together such a sick video. Be sure to support the movement and stay up to date with the team by liking the BlackWorld page on Facebook via the above link.-MinM

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