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Bull JR – “Sunset Blvd.”

by Miracle

(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“Sunset Blvd.” (listen/download)

As promised in a previous post, here is another release from Higher Education Records. This one is by an artist by the name of Bull JR and has Moses returning back to the boards. The track is dubbed “Sunset Blvd.” and is the second single off of Bull JR’s upcoming album, Bad Grades & Cartoons (that title rocks). The rest of the album will be handled by Moses as well.

The production here is very down to earth. The polished foundation, hearty background elements, and lounging vibe would win over any ear. The hook is of a good-tempered nature as well. The delivery has an euphonious tone to it and the lyrics are  personable. The verses are reputable. Bull JR utilizes a clean flow, inconspicuous wordplay, and immense rhymes. He does an effective job of exercising his lyrical dexterity in a leisurely fashion. A couple of lines worth noticing are: “I’m made from the best stuff on earth without a Snapple. Crackle, sizzle, fizzle, pop! N—a I’m gone. I represent the Mil. Like bacon I bring it home. 3100 I scream it until it’s gone. It’s Higher Edu. Class in session. N—a we on. Maybach coupe, drop Porsche, the mind blown. Bugattis, Maseratis, my hobby, I ride chrome. And my mind on money. My hustle is iron strong.” Wily words being spit by Bull JR in those bars. Moses makes a surprise appearance towards the end of the cut with a chill little interlude. Overall, this is another prize for Higher Education Records. Bull JR and Moses went all in on this track.

**My Two Cents: I am loving the line up over at the Higher Education Records camp. They really do have some talented emcees on the roster. Bull JR made a positive first impression and I am looking forward to hearing what else he has up his sleeve. And Moses has yet to create a beat that wasn’t of high quality. Be sure to visit the company’s website to check out additional music and artists. #GetEducated -MinM

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