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Cassette Coast – Thinking Out Loud 3: The Other Side Of My Heart (Album Review)

by Miracle

(Photo By Street Science Ent.)

Thinking Out Loud 3: The Other Side Of My Heart (iTunes)

Meet Cassette Coast. He’s a unique brand of artist from Houston, TX. He has an established and respected reputation within the Southern underground Hip-Hop scene which he uses to his advantage to try and bring something new to the game. His style has been described as eccentric and bluesy due to his melodic delivery and alternative production selections. Just a few short days ago he ended a three year hiatus and dropped the last project in his Thinking Out Loud trilogy, Thinking Out Loud 3: The Other Side Of My Heart. The first two projects can be found here. In honor of the big release, Coast wrote a heartfelt blog to his fans. He just wanted share a few of his thoughts and emotions as it relates to what he has dubbed his “reintroduction” to the music world. Click the jump to find out how Coast did with the new presentation of himself.


This is the lead single off of the album. There are also visuals for this track which can be found at the end of the review. The production here is great. It is comprised of: a super upbeat tempo, high spirited musical elements, and a fun vibe. The hook is likeable. The sing song delivery is appealing and the lyrics are enjoyable. The verses are choice. Coast provides a standout flow, entertaining wordplay, and ideal rhymes. He does a compelling job of letting the world know that he is back in action. A couple of noteworthy lines include: “My publicist told me if I came back to wreck flows, she could get my Twitter verified @CassetteCoast. That would be dope. Man, I could for that. Some gold and platinum plaques. Some hold me over stacks. (…) Yeah that H-town s–t. Let’s get that going. We formulating a plot and I’m popping at any moment.” Amusing sentiments being reflected within those words. Overall, this song is a hit and a really engaging lead for the LP.

“Stay Low”

The production here is solid. It entails low key instrumentation, a moderate pace, and a mellow vibe. It almost has a bit of a Country music air to it. The hook is kosher. Coast has fine vocals and expressive lyrics. The verses are refreshing. Coast continues with his soothing harmonies and couples them with genuine emotion filled lyrics. He pines over a lost love that he wants back but at the same time acknowledges that it may not be what’s best for the lady that he’s missing. He croons: “She’s unhappy every time she sees my face. But she’s so beautiful that she takes my breath away. And I get caught up in my own emotions. I love her so ferociously. She’s afraid of me. Oh and it’s been a week since she’s come over. My home couldn’t get any colder.” Those are some pretty poignant thoughts shared by Coast. In the end, this is an unexpected yet triumphant offering. Coast really showed off his versatility with this cut.

“I Can’t Explain”

The production here is decent. The quiet bass, hushed secondary components, and fierce vibe create a Rock / Hip-Hop mash up type of sound. The hook is fair. The delivery is sharp and the lyrics are intriguing. The verses are gratifying. Coast serves up a raspy flow, up to par wordplay, and honest rhymes. He takes the listener on a journey by giving a detailed comparison of where he came from versus where he’s at now in life. He spits: “The teacher told me Rap music that’s a bad influence. All the s–t they talk about. They gone drag you into it. And you don’t want to grow up in that lifestyle. I can’t explain it. Look at me now. Now I got a cold fan base that knows my face. And they can quote what I say off of both my tapes. I feel like ooooh it couldn’t be an interview with me. My mama called to say I just seen you on tv. Not bad for an underground artist. That don’t be on the radio but walks the red carpet.” Gotta love the story that is told via those words. All in all, this is another commendable effort.

“Orange Slice”

The production here is stellar. The unconventional rhythm and lively musical ingredients generate a dance or club sort of vibe. The hook is legit. The delivery is distinct and the lyrics are favorable. The verses are meritorious. Coast exhibits an animated flow and enchanting rhymes. He conveys a message that’s all about partying and living it up. A few lines to treat the ears to are: “Welcome to Texas. Acknowledge all my people. I’m so happy to see you. And I’m glad you came here peaceful. Cause you don’t want no problems. But let’s not even go there. Let’s keep this party rocking baby. Can I get an Oh Yeah? Oh yeah I got that sizzurp. That purple b–ch I’m leaning. I fell in love with the scenery. B–ches dancing, bikinis.” A strong amicable ambiance is given off right there. As a whole, this record is deserving of a spin or two and was a fitting way to close out the album.


**My Two Cents: Thinking Out Loud 3: The Other Side Of My Heart is a very eclectic work. Coast incorporates a vast array of different content and beats, so the listener never quite knows what to expect from one track to the next. But that is a wonderful ability to possess. It speaks volumes about Coast’s creativity and sets him apart from all of the other rappers out there. He may have been gone for a while but it didn’t impact his talents at all. His supporters will love it and those new to his music will be quite fond of it as well. But don’t just bank on the review alone. Head over to iTunes to preview and or purchase the LP. And readers should hit up Coast’s website when they get a chance too. It’s pretty cool. -MinM

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