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**Editor’s Note: Long time site faithful Rockz Solid expanded her writing game a while back to include blogging. She created a site titled A Female’s Perspective. She covers everything from reviews to poems to artist (paint, graffiti, etc) profiles. My personal favorites are her commentaries on various topics that pertain to women, the Hip-Hop culture, life, etc. Just like her music and everyday communication, her blog is very real and candid. Two qualities that make for dope reading. So it was only right to have her exercise her pen for the site. She shared her thoughts on “Flowkim Noah,” the latest solo effort by Cold Medina (Higher Education Records). Check it out below. -MinM

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**Note: MKE Center Stage is a new segment to the site that will place a bit of spotlight on new releases and such from the bevy of talent in the 414. There are so many individuals involved in the local entertainment scene that it is impossible to keep up with everyone, let alone craft separate posts for all of their endeavors. But that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be some type of acknowledgment. So every once in a while we’re going to peruse our sources and let readers know what’s popping in the Mil-Town.

Lexi Trenee F/ Rich P. & B~Free – “Holiday”

Known for her radio show, activism, and work in artist management/consultation, Lexi Trenee took everybody by surprise when she announced her decision to step into the music realm. She released her debut single this past December. It’s entitled “Holiday” and sees her teaming up with the homie Rich P. and the ever so fabulous B~Free. The song is an adequate offering with a great sentiment behind it. There is a video in the works as well but for now readers can check out the tune above.

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Rising Milwaukee talent Bull JR (Higher Education Records) gave his supporters the best gift ever this past Halloween Friday (10/31) when he finally released his first full length mixtape Body Bagz. It contains a total of 16 tracks, one of which happens to be a bonus item. Several others were released during the promotional period for the tape. Readers can check out reviews for those selections above. Additionally, there are a wide range of talented producers on deck from Bull’s home team members like Original Vision to more widely known names such as Vybe Beatz. The tape is described as a compilation of witty punchlines, memorable hooks, and dope rhymes that will reel in any Hip-Hop fan. Peep the jump to see which tracks The Illixer feels help to validate that claim.

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Higher Education Records presents the return of SLIC (Some Like It Cold, Self-Loathing Inspired Children). SLIC is a collaborative effort between rapper Cold Medina and artist/producer Airo Kwil. The duo’s second release together Too SLIC: Degeneration is a six track EP described as the exploration of: “the societal decay, personal excess, and the gentle balance of carelessness and maintaining humanity,” (Press Release). Produced mainly by Airo Kwil (with some assistance from Original Vision), Too SLIC: Degeneration isn’t for everyone. This EP is for the fans of Childish Gambino and Chance the Rapper. Too SLIC is for people who like super dope lyricism over beats that you hear on Grand Theft Auto V, when you’re cruising around San Andreas at 1 am. So to help guide you through SLIC’s journey, here is a quick track by track review of the project.

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With his highly anticipated mixtape Body Bagz dropping just two days from now on Halloween, Bull JR (Higher Education Records) decided to share one last song off of the project for his supporters. It’s called “Schemin” and once again sees him teaming up with producer ID Labs. Check out The Illixer‘s take on the track after the break.