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SLIC – Too SLIC: Degeneration (EP Review)

by Pooh Bailey

degenerationcaps(2)(Photo By Band Camp)

Higher Education Records presents the return of SLIC (Some Like It Cold, Self-Loathing Inspired Children). SLIC is a collaborative effort between rapper Cold Medina and artist/producer Airo Kwil. The duo’s second release together Too SLIC: Degeneration is a six track EP described as the exploration of: “the societal decay, personal excess, and the gentle balance of carelessness and maintaining humanity,” (Press Release). Produced mainly by Airo Kwil (with some assistance from Original Vision), Too SLIC: Degeneration isn’t for everyone. This EP is for the fans of Childish Gambino and Chance the Rapper. Too SLIC is for people who like super dope lyricism over beats that you hear on Grand Theft Auto V, when you’re cruising around San Andreas at 1 am. So to help guide you through SLIC’s journey, here is a quick track by track review of the project.

“Harmon Killebrew”

Even though the beat gets you vibing really nicely, SLIC’s lyrical attack is vicious. SLIC proved you can go off lyrically without rapping about the same thing.


Produced by Original Vision, “Degeneration” is that track that has to grow on you. However when it does, just remember that: “Life’s not a b—h, you just haven’t got in her yet. Blame it on the internet.”


Produced by Original Vision, “Tapestries” is a laid back track with SLIC telling their listeners about the maintenance of humanity. There’s a nice message within this song and the hook is kind of catchy.


If Travie McCoy and She Wants Revenge made a track together, I’m sure it would sound like this.  With that said, I actually like this song. The vibe of this song can’t really be described, but it flows wonderfully.

“Too Lavish” F/ Jermaine Event

First, Jermaine Event is dope. To start off this track with his verse was great, not only because he’s a beast but because the beat was lacking a bit. SLIC did their thing as usual on the track. However, the production was a little all over the place. This is one track where the production should’ve been kept simple.


This is one of those tracks that would be better live than in studio. I can tell off top I would adore this track even more when it’s played live. It’s still a dynamic track though. In fact, it’s actually the best track on the EP.

Too SLIC: Degeneration is a nice EP. But it’s not for the ‘traditional’ Hip-Hop fan. If your iPod only consists of ‘aggressive’ Rap or ‘who’s hot right now’ Rap, then just skip this EP. Too SLIC: Degeneration is for the Hip-Hop fan who likes their Rap with variety. If Jay Z/Linkin Park’s collaboration album or Childish Gambino is on your iPod right now, download Too SLIC: Degeneration. You will not be let down. SLIC came with the dope lyricism and some cool production. And it’s only six songs, which means they get straight to the point. So go ahead and add Too SLIC: Degeneration to your iTunes library pronto. -Pooh Bailey

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