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Happy Halloween! (2014)

by Miracle

HH(Photo By Google Images)

**Editor’s Note: Just wanted to take a quick moment to wish all of our readers and affiliates a very Happy Halloween! Thank you for your continuous support, it means a lot. And we greatly appreciate it. Have fun dressing up, eat candy, and drink merrily (as well as responsibly of course). Also, please be safe with any haunts and scares. There are some crazy people out there (lbvs). And if you’re in the Mid-West area, bundle up! Winter is knocking down the door. As a treat, check out one of my favorite spooky Hip-Hop tunes below. It’s “Boogie Woogie Wu” by the notorious Insane Clown Posse. A gem I inherited from my brother and his ex-girlfriend. Much love y’all! -MinM

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