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The Lazarus Effect is the first Horror movie of the year to gain a little buzz at the box office. The movie centers around a group of researchers who manage to do the impossible …. bring the dead back to life. They start off experimenting with animals and then prepare for the next phase. But once word gets out the team gets shut down. So they take matters into their own hands and things pretty much go down hill from there. The Movie Council decided to check out all of the resurrection madness for themselves. Find out what they thought after the break.

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Higher Education Records presents the return of SLIC (Some Like It Cold, Self-Loathing Inspired Children). SLIC is a collaborative effort between rapper Cold Medina and artist/producer Airo Kwil. The duo’s second release together Too SLIC: Degeneration is a six track EP described as the exploration of: “the societal decay, personal excess, and the gentle balance of carelessness and maintaining humanity,” (Press Release). Produced mainly by Airo Kwil (with some assistance from Original Vision), Too SLIC: Degeneration isn’t for everyone. This EP is for the fans of Childish Gambino and Chance the Rapper. Too SLIC is for people who like super dope lyricism over beats that you hear on Grand Theft Auto V, when you’re cruising around San Andreas at 1 am. So to help guide you through SLIC’s journey, here is a quick track by track review of the project.

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D Lamar is a well rounded artist from Oakland, California. He specializes in R&B and Hip-Hop but prides himself on being open to dabbling in any genre of music. He has been working closely with a producer from Florida who goes by the name of LRC. The two are working on a project that has been dubbed Death Of Me. It’s a concept album that will center around an artist who goes through a break up and then becomes obsessed with his ex. If that wasn’t exciting enough, aliens are also a part of the picture. Doesn’t get more outside of the box than that. D Lamar states that he looked to artists such as: Childish Gambino, R. Kelly, and Bon Iver for inspiration for the venture. That’s a nice little mix. At the moment, he is pushing two very different tracks for people to take in. One is a Pop style track called “The Turn Around” and it can be heard here. The other is called “I See You” and readers can dive into details regarding that track below.

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“So Far” (listen/download)

Milwaukee artist Shle Berry bestowed her latest set of visuals upon the site not too long ago. It’s for her deeply personal single “So Far.” The record was produced by L.A. Chase. Additionally, the song incorporates a sample of “Won’t Stop” by emcee Childish Gambino. Specifically the vocals that are featured on the hook and sung by Danielle Haim. It also includes: a remote bass, gentle musical elements as well as instrumentation, an unhurried tempo, and a weighted vibe. It’s of grade A quality as a whole. The sampled vocals fit the selection perfectly. And Shle’s sincere flow and heavyhearted yet sterling rhymes round out everything just right. Overall, it’s a very gripping offering.