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The Movie Council – The Lazarus Effect (Review)

by Miracle

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The Lazarus Effect is the first Horror movie of the year to gain a little buzz at the box office. The movie centers around a group of researchers who manage to do the impossible …. bring the dead back to life. They start off experimenting with animals and then prepare for the next phase. But once word gets out the team gets shut down. So they take matters into their own hands and things pretty much go down hill from there. The Movie Council decided to check out all of the resurrection madness for themselves. Find out what they thought after the break.

Directing: Rick Porter jumps into the quality of work from David Gelb. This is Gelb’s first major film. Rick feels like he did an alright job overall but that he had some sub-par moments cinematography wise. His fellow council members agree. They believe his background in Documentary making may have hindered him a bit in his transition to the big screen.

Acting: Mark Duplass and Olivia Wilde take on the leading roles in the flick. They play Frank and Zoe, the engaged couple who happens to lead the research team. Rapper/actor Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) also has a role in the film. Kal’L chimes in on the acting. He thinks the cast works well with what they have. He states that they are handicapped by patchy writing and direction though which is unfortunate. Everyone else feels similarly.

Writing: Rich P. begins the dialog on the script. He feels the back-story is what carries the film and appreciates the deep rooted questions that the plot brings to the surface. There are philosophical, religious, and moral aspects at work which is to be expected in this type of project. However, he too finds shortcomings. The questions that are posed are apparently never resolved. So this leaves the fellas feeling like the writing is a tad obscure.

Negatives: The trio basically touch on the negatives throughout the review. The directing and the writing seem to put a damper on what has the potential to be a pretty promising concept. That’s a bummer.

Final Opinions: All three members recommend that viewers do not go see this in theaters but instead wait for it to hit a platform such as Netflix. Harsh. They believe the hype of the marketing gives it more of an appeal than it actually deserves. But as always they encourage opinions of all kinds from others who have seen it. Those interested can peep the review here.

**My Two Cents: I love Horror movies. In this day and age, I’ve come to expect very little from them other than to be entertained be it in a good or bad way (lbvs). So I definitely still want to see The Lazarus Effect but I will most likely take the guys on their word to wait until it hits an online streaming site. Unless I get really bored on my upcoming vacation (haha). Don’t forget if you have a cinema related question or want to put in a special review request, TMC is now accepting emails. Watch the video to find out more. -MinM

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