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Focus IMDB

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Veteran rapper/actor Will Smith made his return to the big screen this past weekend via the release of a film entitled Focus. Focus centers around Nicky Spurgeon. Nicky is a well accomplished man of deceit. He takes a lady by the name of Jess under his wing to teach her the tricks of the trade. They end up falling for one another but eventually have to part ways. They cross paths a few years later and the result is messy. The Movie Council got a first class seat to the tale of: lies, love, and chaos as they caught the film this past weekend. Discover what they had to say about it after the jump.

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The Lazarus Effect IMDB

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The Lazarus Effect is the first Horror movie of the year to gain a little buzz at the box office. The movie centers around a group of researchers who manage to do the impossible …. bring the dead back to life. They start off experimenting with animals and then prepare for the next phase. But once word gets out the team gets shut down. So they take matters into their own hands and things pretty much go down hill from there. The Movie Council decided to check out all of the resurrection madness for themselves. Find out what they thought after the break.

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Kingsman: The Secret Service IMDB

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Kingsman: Secret Service is the latest edition in the line of motion pictures based off of a book or comic. It centers around the premise of an extremely hush-hush spy organization that recruits a kid off of the streets who seemingly has the potential to fit in amongst their members. The agency’s training program is highly competitive and the recruitment occurs just as a tech related threat comes into fruition. Find out how The Movie Council feels about the new Action/Adventure film after the break.

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50 Shades Of Grey Trilogy

50 Shades Of Grey IMDB

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The 50 Shades Of Grey series by E.L. James took the literary world by storm when it hit shelves back in 2011 and 2012. The erotic series centers around the fervid relationship between the young & innocent Anastasia Steele and the rich & imposing Christian Grey. The trilogy has seen sales in the millions worldwide and is now looking to dominate in the world of cinema as well. The first installment of the series hit the big screen this past Friday (2/13) just in time for Valentines Day. It has received a plethora of reactions from avid movie goers, fans of the books, and members of the BDSM community alike. The Movie Council decided to reunite with the ladies of Elite League Ent to check it out for themselves. Readers can get a breakdown of their thoughts after the jump.

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Jupiter Ascending IMDB

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Jupiter Ascending is a brand new flick starring heartthrob Channing Tatum and the equally delectable Mila Kunis. Kunis takes on the role of Jupiter Jones. Jones is a girl with big dreams and an ordinary life. That is until Caine Wise (Tatum) tracks her down and reveals her fate as the heir to an one of a kind inheritance that could have a huge impact on the harmony of the cosmos. The two join forces and travel to an alternate planet to take on a brutal tyrant. Sounds kind of intriguing and bizarre all at the same time, right? Well The Movie Council thought so too. They caught the futuristic Adventure film yesterday evening and of course followed up with a reaction for their supporters. Readers can take a peek at their new webisode below.