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The Movie Council – Focus (Review)

by Miracle

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Veteran rapper/actor Will Smith made his return to the big screen this past weekend via the release of a film entitled Focus. Focus centers around Nicky Spurgeon. Nicky is a well accomplished man of deceit. He takes a lady by the name of Jess under his wing to teach her the tricks of the trade. They end up falling for one another but eventually have to part ways. They cross paths a few years later and the result is messy. The Movie Council got a first class seat to the tale of: lies, love, and chaos as they caught the film this past weekend. Discover what they had to say about it after the jump.

Directing: Rich P. starts off the review by speaking to the directors. Glenn Ficarra and John Requa jointly serve as the masterminds behind this one. They are known for works such as: Bad Santa, Crazy Stupid Love, I Love You Phillip Morris, etc. Rich feels like Focus will make a top notch addition to their resumes. He states that the movie draws the viewer in from the very beginning and keeps a hold on them. That’s a pretty good sign.

Acting: As mentioned Will Smith takes on the role of Nicky. His leading lady in this project is Margot Robbie. She takes on the role of Jess. The council members love the chemistry between the pair. They feel like this sets an exciting precedent for things to come from the two working together on the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. And of course it doesn’t hurt any that Miss Robbie is fairly easy on the eyes.

Writing: Glenn Ficarra and John Requa also serve as the writers for the motion picture. Kal’L takes viewers through his thoughts on the script. He believes that the screenplay is flawless. It lands everything appropriately and contains no areas of weakness. That is some strong praise coming from the R&B talent as he is a connoisseur of the pen himself. Rich had nothing opposing to say.

Negatives: The only bad thing that the pair had to say about the flick comes from the trailer. They think that trailer is slightly misleading as to what the storyline is actually about. Otherwise, there are no complaints.

Final Opinions: Must see in theaters is the final verdict on this box office Drama. The guys even went so far as to say that this is their new number one movie of the year. That is a huge placement. Sure to change once all of the comic based movies start dropping though (lol). Give the review a watch here.

**My Two Cents: I want to see Focus really badly. However, no one in my circle seems to be a Will Smith fan like that. And no invite from TMC either (haha – just teasing). So I had to settle for the review for now. The webisode is a short one but it definitely creates even more interest in the flick. The guys seem very hype about it and I believe readers will find their feedback to be insightful. So be sure to hit up that link. And be sure to check back as well. TMC has two brand new movies on the bill for review later this week. -MinM

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