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Music Quickies: Bizal McLoud F/ Weasel Sims & Pizzle – “Check Up”

by Pooh Bailey

cover170x170(Photo Courtesy of iTunes)

“Check Up” (iTunes)

“They say I’m sick and I believe ‘em, man I need a check up.” Bizal McLoud is back and this time he’s brought some friends along for the ride. With the assistance of Weasel Sims and Pizzle, “Check Up is a great track to get us hype about what Mr. McLoud has cooking up. The production is mean but not super mean. Meaning it’s ‘laughing at you when you fall’ mean and not ‘robbing you’ mean. Bizal’s flow on this track was beyond dope and Weasel Sims came at the track like it owed him money. But Pizzle’s verse seals the deal on why you should splurge a little and purchase this track off of iTunes. With every new track, Bizal’s progression is growing. The only thing that bothered me about this track is Bizal rapping the hook way too hard. It’s sort of like he used a hammer when he should’ve used a paintbrush. But all in all, “Check Up” is a hot track. I can’t wait to see what Bizal has in store for the rest of 2015. –Pooh Bailey

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