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Reemerging Into The World Of Hip-Hop: JLS (Q&A)

by Miracle

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“I hope to gain respect and a nice loyal following. I want people to hear my song in their cars and turn the volume up because it’s me and the last thing they want to do is miss what I have to say. Yeah that feeling.”JLS (On What He Hopes To Accomplish Musically) / Readers were originally introduced to JLS back when the site first got off of the ground. He was a part of an eccentric duo called The Local Nobodies. Since that time things have changed a bit and he has decided to venture out on his own. He reached out to the site to share a bit about his new status. Check out the exclusive Q&A after the break.

The Illixer: Who is J.L.S.?

JLS: JLS is the me without the filter. In life I have to filter what I say but on a track I’m me crazy, funny, witty …. just asshole type shit.

TI: What is it like transitioning from being in a group to being a solo artist?

JLS: Being a solo artist is hard at times but I think I’m strong enough to hold my own and show people that I’m dope no matter who’s spitting in a song with me.

TI: How have you managed to stay connected to the music scene during your time away?

JLS: Music is life to me. I stay connected just by keeping my ears open for what’s next and who’s hot and who’s Mark, okay my good music.

TI: What was it that made you decide it was time to return to creating music again?

JLS: I never stopped. I have just been building a sound and thinking of where I wanted to go with my own projects and now is the time to get things moving.

TI: How would you describe your style as an individual?

JLS: My style is witty, funny, I’m always going to say what’s on my mind and I’m down for whatever beat comes my way.

TI: Where do you draw inspiration from for your music?

JLS: Just the sounds of life. My son’s laugh, the rain, the traffic. It all gives off a vibe and makes me feel some way about music.

TI: Briefly explain your creative process as it pertains to putting a track together.

JLS: I listen to the beat over and over again and start to feel the vibe of the song. I think of what tone would sound the best on the beat or what I could say that would be food to others’ ears, ya know.

TI: It goes without saying that the indie/underground Hip-Hop scene is flooded with artists. What is it that is going to make JLS stand out from the pack?

JLS: Honestly I’m just a regular dude (an asshole with a mic). Just being me will be enough.

TI: What are some lessons that you’ve learned throughout the course of your career that you feel will be valuable to your future journey as a solo artist?

JLS: I’ve learned to be more in tune with the business side of music. Take care of it and it will take care of you.

TI: Share some of the ventures that you have on the horizon that people should be watching out for.

JLS: I have a mixtape in the works coming out late April. Also working on an album that I would like to drop in the summer called Sometimes, All The Time. Shows around the area and just building up my fan base.

**My Two Cents: Haven’t heard from JLS in a long while. So it was treat when he reached out to reconnect. I enjoyed this interview a lot. He had some colorful things to say and it got me curious to hear some new sounds from the personable talent. Be sure to check back with the site. The Illixer will definitely be bringing readers tunes from JLS whenever they drop. -MinM

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