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Drama – 3 Kings (EP Review)

by Miracle

3 Kings cover(Photo By Trac-Qaeda Music Group)

“3 Kings” (previous review)

East Coast talent Drama kicked off the new year by following up his debut album with the release of a new EP. 3 Kings contains five brand new singles and is produced completely by Trac-Qaeda. The Illixer already covered the project’s title track (see above) but there were a couple of other singles that grabbed our attention as well. Find out what they are after the break.

“Drama Sinatra”

The production here is proper. The customary base, complimentary background elements, groovy tempo, and down to earth vibe fuse charmingly together. The hook is kosher. The delivery is fresh and the lyrics are fitting. The verses are first-rate. Drama utilizes a well blended flow, adequate wordplay, and satisfactory rhymes. He does a fine job of reflecting an individual who knows how to appreciate the more lavish side of life. A sprinkling of lines to be aware of are: “And so it’s on. Tell them legends to bang on them lovely xylophones. Parlay, I’m just drifting into the luxury. It’s inspiration when poets popping the bubbly. I felt the hope. I’m with the team. We never close shop. (…) Do good, you eat good. Wise words from homeland. It’s just a thought. Now back to regular program. One!” Those are some nifty bars right there. Overall, this is a fairly enjoyable selection.

“Eager Adolescent”

The production here is banging. The packed foundation, fierce supporting details, laboring rhythm, and earnest vibe make for a four star combination. The hook is choice. The delivery is intense and the lyrics are deep. The verses are orthodox. Drama disperses an ambitious flow, raw wordplay, and no-nonsense rhymes. He embodies the nature of the song’s title quite nicely. A handful of engaging lines include: “Imagine your mother finding your stash in the kitchen ceiling. Feel your heart just drop when you see her eyes spilling. Do you stop or just continue the love of the drug dealing? (…) Grabbed her hand, I held it tight, and said mama this all I know. I just want what you deserve. And my hunger ain’t letting go til them lights shine bright and my name on the main show.” Those are some powerful final bars right there. All in all, this is a mint track.

**My Two Cents: 3 Kings is a solid project. Trac-Qaeda keeps the production on point and versatile. Drama comes with sufficient content. And the guest appearances are of a favorable nature. My only critique would be that Drama add a little more range to his subject matter and experiment with his style a bit. Otherwise, I think 3 Kings is an offering that readers definitely will take a liking to. So scroll up and hit that play button. -MinM

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