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Shenna – “Stranger” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

stranger vevo(Photo By Shenna)

Figured it was time for a little R&B break. So readers meet the lovely Shenna. She’s an upcoming singer, songwriter, actress, and model in her early twenties from Woodbridge, VA. She got into music at an early age and has gone on to do some pretty impressive things. She has performed on stages all over the United States and has received media attention on a global level including regions such as: Poland, Africa, and London. If that wasn’t enough she has a Music Business Certificate from Berklee, she teaches music career themed lessons to high school students, she’s received song placements, worked with well known producers, and the list goes on. Currently, she is doing voice over and reference work in the industry while at the same time getting her supporters ready for her next forthcoming project which is due out later this year. She sent over her most recent song/video to the site not too long ago. It’s titled “Stranger.” Get the run down after the jump.

The song is set to a rich instrumental with a mid-tempo pace and a reflective vibe. It is of a grade A quality. The hook is commendable as well. The vocals are expressive and the lyrics are intriguing. The verses are efficient. Shenna supplies soulful harmonies and emotional lyrics as she chronicles the unfortunate downfall of a romantic relationship. The theme of the record centers around the concept of how meeting one person can change your whole life. The VA talent plays on said theme very well. Overall, this is a graceful selection.

The video for the tune is done by J-Emz. It opens with Shenna doing a bit of personal contemplating. From there the storyline pretty much just follows her relationship through from beginning to end. It starts off blissfully as most tend to do and then the problems arise. Changing for the wrong reasons and infidelity are the culprits in this tale. Amongst the romantic saga are some very candid solo shots of Shenna. Most notable are the ones where she first pines over and then later destroys a photo. The visual concludes by going back to the day Shenna and her boo first met and adding a slight twist. As a whole, this is a very rewarding flick.

**My Two Cents: Shenna is a dope artist. I love her voice. And this song & video are equally awesome. The story is a common one but her way with words and the emotion with which she conveys them gives it a refreshing air. The video flows effortlessly and is filled with vivid imagery. The red hair transformation and the burning photo scenes especially standout to me. I believe readers will dig Miss Shenna too. Certainly looking forward to hearing/seeing what else she has to offer in the future. -MinM

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