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PC The Real F/ Sleep – “Rick James”

by Miracle

rick_james (cover art)(Photo By House Of Renji)

 It’s been a couple of years since the site was put on to 414 talent PC The Real. Since that time it appears that he has still been going strong and making some major moves. One of said moves is his joining of the House Of Renji. A name that is very familiar to The Illixer thanks to one of our favorite artists, Genesis Renji. So we are definitely here for this partnership. PC recently released his first track of the year coined “Rick James.” It features fellow artist Sleepy and is produced by elite Milwaukee based producer Mike Regal.

The production here is ace. The low subtle foundation, unorthodox musical ingredients, creeping tempo, and offbeat vibe make for a winning combination. The hook is mint too. The delivery is spotless and the lyrics are official. The verses are of a four star quality. The fellas contribute entrancing flows, colorful wordplay, and gritty rhymes. They do an excellent job of paying homage to the spirit of the late eccentric Rick James amidst a hazy cocaine style aura. A handful of lines to keep on repeat are: “Blurred lines to the face. Screaming money ain’t a thing like it’s 1998. My brother just beat the case. And so we bout to celebrate. Tell ’em bring another case. The b—hes say they on they way. Bunch of White girls and they do whatever I say. And they what and they know I don’t play. Give me lip and they get five fingers to the face. Cause I’m cold blooded all day.” One can not deny the artfulness of those bars right there. Overall, this song is a banger and a great number for PC The Real to kick off his year with.

**My Two Cents: I was digging PC when I first heard him back in 2013 and I am still digging him now. This single is hot. Mike Regal murders the production. PC and Sleep do just as much damage on the content. Even the hook goes hard. Definitely excited to experience what else PC The Real has in store as the newest member of the House Of Renji. If readers are feeling the track as much as I am, they should be sure to check out that link at the beginning of the post so that they don’t miss out on anything. -MinM

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