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Versailles The Everything – “Let It Go” (Remix)

by Miracle

artworks-000105304026-s4e16w-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Still relatively fresh off of the release of her EP Trip V, Versailles The Everything is already pumping out brand new material. Her latest offering is coined “Let It Go.” It serves as a remix of a tune of the same name by an artist known as JNix. Redd is the entity behind the boards on this cut.

The production here is of a superior quality. The debonair bass-line, grown & sexy background elements, savvy rhythm, and breezy vibe are heavenly on the ears. The hook is a hit as well. The vocals are discreet yet top notch. The lyrics are easy to comprehend. The verses are flawless. Versailles The Everything gives the listener the best of both worlds with melodies on the first half of the track and bars on the second half. She owns both mediums with a sophisticated execution and sleek wordage. She’s basically going through the motions of being torn between two lovers. One is no good for her and the other seems to be the ideal catch. An excerpt from her dilemma includes: “I swear you see me differently than he do. N—a he the type to take me out and got me paying for it. He the type that make a b—h throw it back, knowing damn well they can’t hit it deep enough to get the bed soaking. But you the type that I should f–k with forever. We do it forever. No it’s never been this good. You don’t even play ball like that. But you the best when you hit it off the backboard. So hood. You know I’m yours for the evening. Saying everything right. That’s what I’m talking about.” The Divine Atoms diva keeps it 100% open and honest with those lines right there. In the end, this is a golden remix.

**My Two Cents: Versailles The Everything has yet to make anything that I don’t love. This remix is perfection. The production suits her extremely well and her approach to the content is noteworthy. I was unable to hunt down the original version but I’m sure JNix would be very pleased with this take on the song. Kudos to the Florida superstar for blessing us with another auditory treasure! Can’t wait to hear more from her this year! -MinM

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