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Drama F/ DJ Soulbuck – “3 Kings”

by Miracle

3 Kings cover(Photo By Trac-Qaeda Music Group)

Drama has been quiet for a couple of months but is back in action with new music and a new EP on the horizon. His latest single is coined “3 Kings” and that happens to be the title of the forthcoming project as well. The song features a guest appearance from DJ Soulbuck and is produced by Trac-Qaeda.

The production here is compelling. The stout bass, sleek urban supporting details, intermediate rhythm, and crucial 90’s style Hip-Hop vibe are a suitable composite of sounds. There is no hook in the standard sense. Instead there is DJ scratching that incorporates the title. This is an acceptable alternative. The verses are competent. Drama wields a vigorous flow, firm wordplay, and formative rhymes. The press info for the selection states that Drama is aiming to show the world his new royal lease on music and he does a bang up job of it here. Observe as he spits: “Sometimes I cry myself to sleep hoping that the devil wakes me. Because my dreams are full of rage and I wonder where they will take me. I’m in the state where the littlest things could break me. And that creature on my should just tells me everyone hates me. Is it true? Or is it you? Now is my mind just playing games or is it true? Pretenders back up. You actors couldn’t relive what I captured. (…) So let me live! As I break away from the slaughter pretty angels start to sing. But the distance is seeming farther.” The lucid imagery of those bars right there is insane. As a whole, this is a smash offering.

**My Two Cents: This is Drama’s best record by far. The production is on a five star level. The DJ element fits in nicely. And the content is fantastic. I love the darker undertone of the verses. It matches the vibe of the beat really well. Looking forward to hearing more from the 3 Kings EP. For more with the New Jersey artist, readers can check out his in studio interview above. -MinM

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